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  1. This was working before you changed your code, then stopped working after you changed your code? I would get an engineer out based on the assumptions already made, as I don't feel you should be tinkering?
  2. very helpful guys, poor guy is probably really confused now.
  3. if the psu is under warranty then it shouldn't be costing anything? This PSU issue has been on and off since they released the panel with it how many years ago, not convinced its robust enough or the QC from whoever supplies it isn't good enough (I am guessing its not made by Texecom)? . as said previously a reset is all that should be required unless faulty whats interesting is the mains off clears on its own when its restored, leaving the 12V fault, why don't they both clear when restored?
  4. I would take a pictures at both bells to show wriing, I think you haven't done the MSW link right. you take out the msw2 wire, link that wire to the spare, run the spare into msw1 on2nd unit with that bells msw1 bell wire still in place . (two wires in msw1 on second unit, the original wire an the spare you ran from the first bell). do the bell test and both units should fire up, as they are they are the E models power shouldn't be an issue
  5. the cost of production, but what about his insurance, taxes, vehicle and tools. suspect he made a loss and inflation well.....lol aren't all exams multi lingual now?
  6. I would read the apps disclaimer regarding notifications and service guarantee before you consider relying on the app for alarm notifications.
  7. Veritas 8/R8/8 compact veritas LED keypad Veritas R8+/ Excel veritas LED and LCD keypad not sure about the other Veritas panels like the Digitas, seem to recall they had a veritas led styled keypad with premier written on it but cant be certain,
  8. had a lot of fun with these initially. certainly outside the dhcp pool makes life easier, making sure nothing can automatically connect to the com wifi ssid seems to keep it focused. wrt to the app, change the polling to 1 minute and it soon updates the ip, or with notifications on send an event via the keypad and it will be updated. the polling changes between 5 minutes(in engineering) and 15 minutes normally. as for routers, I have had issues with talk talk routers not liking the app on an external network so had customers with both a local and external connection. as for the notifications themselves I have a system with a comip and a GSM, gsm is only set for alarm events at the minute but find it more reliable than the app. Find the Risco cloud much more reliable and instant for notifications over The Texecom App, but I digress theres good and bad in all things,
  9. Hi Adrian, cant comment on the future, cant see it now, but improvements are always welcome, as would be the reliability of notifications but I digress. Security can always be bypassed and hacked by someone that is a geek(knowledgeable person)if they have the will and the time to spend. I certainly welcome the steps made to make things more secure has to be a good thing and the lesser geek isn't likely to give it a go in a hurry.
  10. The setup though is long winded for everything, although getting quicker at doing al the individual steps. its encrypted now, previously it was displayed as plain text as the article explains. The app currently giving my customers more grief with the current android parsing issue.
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