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  1. I would just like to thank you all so much, it works perfectly and I'm very pleased with it thanks again guys
  2. Ok thanks, series is connect the positive from one speaker and the negative from the other speaker to the panel and join the other two cable together?
  3. So it's perfectly fine to have an 8 ohm and a 16 ohm wired in series?
  4. Hi me again........ I've got a 16 ohm speaker that I'm going to fit but the existing one is 8ohm will this be ok to fit?
  5. Yep thanks it would burn the speaker out if I connected it to the power output, don't worry I won't I will be connecting it the the speaker terminals in the panel and yes I have the engineer code
  6. Ok thanks that's what I'm going to be doing at the weekend I will update when I've done it thanks again
  7. Thanks, it's just a standard lynteck two wire electronic siren and the panel is a modern alarms series 3400 but one of the keypads just says 9600? I think. Or I could get another 8 ohm speaker and add that to the system instead? Which would be my best bet?
  8. Hi I would like to add an extra siren to my alarm system, I already have a pyronix belle which draws approximately 420 ma and I believe the maximum power output for my panel is 1280 ma approximately, however I have a elmdene 1 amp 12v psu just powering smoke detector so I would like to wire the siren trigger from the main panel and take the power from the psu but in theory it shouldn't work as it is not completing a circuit so I would need to know if it's possible to take the + and - from the psu then add a relay and wire it from the bell trigger cable to switch when the alarm is triggered, s
  9. Update..... I have replaced the pir for an old unused pyronix magnum I had in my garage and it's working fine now, thanks for all your help I really appreciated it
  10. I was given two of them about a year ago I used one in my house and have only just installed this one in my parents house, they are second hand but working when they were removed I dont see any reason why it shouldn't work now it's only been in a box in my garage for a year, what's strange is it seems to work just fine on a walk test
  11. Sorry about that the cables enter at the bottom
  12. Ok thanks it's in my parents house so I will be back there on Thursday the alarm still sets and it chimes on walk test like it's meant to only with the red led flashing, how would I be able to stop it flashing I have turned the microwave wheel all the way down and it still flashes?
  13. I have installed a Honeywell dt7550 today and I have a slight problem where after a few minutes of it being powered up the Red led flashes rapidly I have read in the manual this means microwave supervision failure however the detector still works fine on walk test? So I was wondering if I could have any help in making it work properly please? Below is how I have wired it and a view of the pcb
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