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  1. LoL news gets to us late over here in Deep Africa.
  2. I see in todays news that Pyronix has been bought over by HIKVision. HIKvision seems to be diversifying quite a bit now. Already involved in Access Control & Video Intercoms.
  3. I have used a few of the Nite-Devil board cameras from System Q. Picture quality is pretty good.
  4. Thanks guys. Very much appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, Not posted for a while, well actually a long time but now moved further into deep Africa. We have a job that we are going to be installing Paxton as I haven't used it before was going to try it in the office first. My question is if I install the software on my PC in the office and register it am I able to install it on the clients PC after this or do I need a different serial number?
  6. Hi James, I would certainly be interested. Nothing much like that exists over here, 3rd world country know what I mean LOL
  7. Cheese wedges? We used to call them the Modern Coffin Box.
  8. I actually prefer the white HEXs. Chris whats the story with them. I know some NACs insist on them?
  9. CCTVMan if I remember right it was only a Lander dummy bell that went up with 2.5clips but then again after trying that out and seeing the qualty fixing a few more dummies in Edinburgh went up like that. Shooo dont say anymore
  10. Its the main panel they use in South Africa as well followed closely by the IDS.
  11. I attended a service call at a well known shop that is open Alldays. Only to find the maintenance engineer here carrying out his routine maintenance. Now he is not the cleverest of guys but as I walked in the front door the check out assistant was shaking like a leave asking me what I was here for and hopefully not setting the alarm off. Anyway found out the maintenance guy had set the alarm off but forgot about the master blaster that was 4 feet above the till on the suspended ceiling. I walked out pissing myself.
  12. The old 72 series panel was probably one of their best panels. Built to last. Although you open some of them up and a pile of sid boards or zone splitters would fall out in front of you. The other thing with Shorrock everything was always relays. I remember getting called out to a site and I asked the guy where his panel was and he said over there. It was a cupboard with a keyswitch and a couple of leds. Open the door and it was full of relay boards. What fun I had that night. As for their newer stuff, I was one of the first to fit the 1600 panel up North along with the big 170 white basin be
  13. I am sure it is Code #. It is * to isolate zones.. The 1500 didnt have any programming to it. It was all done via cutting resistors or links on the main PCB. The only thing you can programme via the keypad was the codes. One of the easier Shorrock panels. Try doing the 1600 not the KS1600 with out a programming card. Now thats fun.
  14. I know of one member on here, who shall remain nameless to save his blushes. Drilled through a wall in the wrong spot. Big bullet wound etc. He had the house to himself and did not have any polafilla so he used the next best thing. Toothpaste. I was poorless when he told me that one.
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