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  1. schoolboy error, I could get to my router, but hadn't realised my router couldn't get out, hence no comms with selfmon and the resulting error. fixed this and error has cleared. thanks everyone! out of interest, what is the process to restart the panel? Does exiting engineer mode do this, or is there another way of rebooting the system?
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply, no, same router, subnet and gw. I can ping the Ethernet module from the router. I was actually just ripping everything out of my cabling cabinet and redoing it all neatly! It meant the panel was offline for several hours. with hindsight I should have disabled the arc settings before hand. Thanks
  3. Hi, I've got a galaxy flex 50 I installed myself which has been running fine for a few months, linked to selfmon and happily sending event alerts by email - using the Honeywell Ethernet module. I was making some changes to my Internet configuration and had the panel disconnected for the internet for a period of time. I've since got it reconnected and am able to connect from to the panel over Ethernet, however I cant seem to clear the fault from when it couldn't connect out. The panel displays "system fault reset required". I can enter mgr mode and see 3 faults - comm fail arc, comm
  4. Thanks for the replies, I had assumed that was how to do it, but then I thought I saw a post on here somewhere referring to engineering mode disabling the tamper and allowing you to work on the bell without setting it off! I guess it must just be some panels/sounders/configurations? Am I right in saying that once I remove the test link on the sounder to activate the onboard battery, the sounder will go off in the event of a power-cut and the panel battery becoming depleted? On a related note, any issues with putting the alarm supply on a UPS? I'll have one for the server room anyway. I
  5. Hi, I've been working on learning and installing a galaxy flex 50 in my new house. I've got most things working fine, including a RIO, RF portal, Ethernet module, 2 keypads and a bunch of detectors both wired and wireless (wireless for the couple of rooms I forgot to run cables into before sheeting the walls!). I've just got a small issue with the external sounder: Bell box - using the onboard outputs on the main panel connected to a Honeywell AG8 as follows: panel sounder +12v + 0v - T TR- OP1 S- OP2 ST- I was under the impre
  6. Thanks for all the advice so far, you guys are spot on regarding the time, part of me thinks this would be a nice project (I've got an electronics, pbx and IT background), however, I should really be spending time putting up gyproc, installing electrics and drains and such... The more i think about it, the more I'm coming round to the idea of getting a professional install - I've already spent too much time reading stuff! Due to the size of the house, building control have mandated that for a Grade B Category LD2 fire detection and alarm system to be installed in accordance with BS5839
  7. Hi, I'm at the first fix stage of my self build and need to get an alarm system organised. I've already run cables for numerous detectors back to a central point and now need to decide on the system and whether I install myself or not. I've narrowed it down to: Honeywell Galaxy - easily available and looks relatively simple to setup DSC PC1832 powerseries - as this is supported for integration into the home automation system i'm looking at deploying (myself) I've got a few questions: 1) Does anyone have any comments on either system and whether a self install is a g
  8. While it won't be 100% weatherproof, the building has been covered in a waterproof breather membrane (covering all the openings). We'll sheet over all the doors and windows for good measure, but I want to be alerted if someone gets in that shouldn't be there! I guess the question is would it be a waste of time and money to install a "good" alarm i.e. the one I would use in the finished building, and would a cheap diy kit give me at least some protection / deterrent effect until we get the building secure and the proper system installed. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the responses, some good advice there! On the cable front, I thought that would be the case (i.e. not using cat 5), will definitely go for proper alarm cable. The consensus seems to be to find someone I can work with so I can run the cables and let them do the rest - sounds like a good compromise. On that note, can anyone recommend installers (or maybe you are installers) in North Lanarkshire? As per the advice, happy to take maintenance and monitoring as part of the project. The other concern / issue (forgot to mention in original email!) is that I'd like to get the
  10. Hi, I would like some advice on the best route to take with regard to selecting and installing a security system. I am in the middle of a self build project right now and am building a large family home (about 8000 sqft). To keep costs down we are doing as much as we can on the project ourselves (from foundations to dry-lining). Right now, the timber kit is up and we're about to start first fix. I work in IT (networking and security) and have an electronics/engineering background, while my father-in-law who is project managing for us is a qualified electrician. I intend to deploy
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