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  1. ill give that a go how do i rectify that
  2. done that buddy still the same. in fact ive tried every input to be honest
  3. thanks for your suggestions ElecTech, im sure its just an input set wrong but searching through all the menus i cant seem to find anything.
  4. I was just looking for a quick reply over the weekend
  5. no never, and when i swap the bnc to the analogue end the picture is fine (low quality but fine) my first though was my BNC's. Its a brand new 2Ah psu but again I have tried another one also. shot gun cable
  6. Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice. We have been using the Hik-Vision stuff for a while, but due to the current issues with the new Hik we decided to try out the Dahua HDCVI stuff. I installed a DHI-XVR5104HS with some DH-HAC-HDW2401EMP cameras. The problem I am having is when I plug them into the HDCVI BNC the camera is not stable and only comes on crackling and black& white. im sure this is just a setting but I cant seem to find anything about it anywhere. Please can you help Thanks C
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