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  1. Hi all Looking for the above to go on Cat5 / alarm cable please.
  2. Something must be lucrative to make people wanna do it 34k without call
  3. Hi all Looking for some advice here - been offered employment by one of the firms I sub for, I think the salary may be around 34k... I know this inst masses in comparison but would you ever go back? I'm in limbo what to do..
  4. as titled what's the diff between using a 24v ac or 12v dc on locks and cams?
  5. I was under impression that all agencies require ltd?
  6. Hi All I'm proposing to install a 2 camera system on a customers garage, but he want's to view it on the TV. So my options are: Get both IP cameras onto a PoE switch and transmit them on a mains Ethernet link - like the Netgear jobby and put the NVR adj the TV, job done. OR Get a HDMI transmitter and send the video from the garage over to the telly. Suggestions?
  7. What is the diff? I know HD as either IP or coax, why do people call it the same?
  8. No idea, I wan't the 5 seats for the family. TBH love the pickup look, and lets face it as security engineers we don't carry heavy or big tools. Ladders the biggest thing!
  9. Good day folks Anyone here operate from pickups? Toying with the idea, but worrying if they are actually that practical for ladders? Failing that might look at Transporter Kombi, need the 5 seats!
  10. I have read the above but: Where does 960H come into it? What is AHD? I know CVI/SDI is all HD
  11. Yes, but may require going to London. What should I be looking at?
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