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  1. In 2016 is it acceptable to discriminate against square and round avatars. Is there not some European regs for this issue?
  2. James you should know better, you don't like others posting ****, so why are you doing it ? Check the system log and list what it shows so we can see your issues.
  3. Tpedevon what do you reckon your first years overhead costs would be for running the business? Also what do you think your turnover will be in year one?
  4. Tpedevon what equipment do you use at the moment?
  5. It's always best to fit cards with the panel powered down, if it blew as soon as you plugged them in I would suggest a short across a couple of the pins.
  6. Your first port of call should be the supplier of the kit, you have paid them money for a product and they should be supporting you in its set up.
  7. If you were really good you would know where you can still buy them
  8. morph


    What do you want advice on?
  9. You could also just fit wireless beams and fit a receiver next to the pane.Really depends on the site/application.
  10. When did you last have the batteries in the panel replaced
  11. Your new company don't know what they are doing, time to get one who does.
  12. You may have faults on zones 2 to 7 so that would be the best place to look for a problem.
  13. Why would you want a bgu that resets after a set time,you couldnt possibly know if the original reason for breaking it was still there without physically checking it. If your checking it there is no reason not to reset it manually. Timed reset on a bgu smacks of ducking responsibility, type of job not to get involved in.
  14. That's an unbranded Gent Nano panel, Sentri is what gent give to you as you work up to being an approved gent installer. You should be able to do the basic maintenance, but you will pay a premium to get the parts of you dint become a sentri dealer (if they let you)
  15. Some of us have been around long enough to know you have a thick skin Gaz
  16. Wow you have been arround since the beginning of time and we all thought Arf was the old git
  17. The problem is that you don't really know what your doing and trying lots of things hoping they work only introduces further issues that because your not familiar with the system. I would be inclined to wipe everything and start again.
  18. Are you shure the loop is ok and its not the panels loop isolators operating.
  19. Having read post 1 and then post 15, what trade are you in?
  20. P =Pole C = Closed O = Open on Controlled Equipment panels.
  21. Bit like phoning your firm mat out of hours!
  22. ADT will sell you a battery and show you how to reset it.
  23. There will be a sticker on the inside of it on one of the chips. The info you need is in the manuals, you just need to program it.
  24. It could also be a Risco panel. It could be that there has been a power cut or a battery has failed, I would get a local company to have a look at it. Be warned though these panels an have the engineer code locked in, which may mean you need the main control board changing.
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