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  1. Just after advice, is that not okay with you? Just after advice, is that not okay with you?
  2. Do you just do fire alarms? What's your commonly called
  3. I plan on doing fire alarms, extinguishers, disabled toilet alarms, disabled refuge alarm and more
  4. Hi, I'm planning on taking a new step and hopefully running my own fire alarm company. Yes you might not agree that I'm just doing the one discipline but I've had 10 years experience within the fire industry, I've designed, sold, installed, commissioned and maintained systems. I'm all there with the job side of it. It's just getting the work, where would I start? Fire alarms isn't really a word of mouth is it. What ways of advertising do you use? I'm planning on doing my own work also being a subbie for a local well know f&s company. All I need to know is the running business side of things. How do I calculate budgets if I don't even know what I could earn that month? Yeah you'll probably say I'm unprepared but shall I base it on few services, small works, 1 install etc. If I am currently employed and being paid by PAYE. Can I register as a sole trader and tax? Is that possible? I have all tools, van, cert pads, ladders. Everything I should need to lift me off the ground. It's mainly advertising and getting it running. Any pointers? Yes you'll probably put me off doing it but I'm keen, I know it's a 24/7 job, I'll never stop but it's worth it. I'll work my ass off
  5. What's typical prices? Couple hundred quid?
  6. What type of insurance would you need for an alarm company? Typical prices?
  7. Whats your rough prices for a domestic, 3 bed house? do you use wired or wireless whistle? Oh yeah, we mostly use Galaxy and recently started using the Pyronix wireless on domestics. I want to look for something that is decent quality, won't cause problems and get a good profit off it.
  8. I only want your rough opinions on them? I've got all technical info and been in contact with manufacture for detailed manuals etc and all been sent over. All I want is your opinion on this system if you have used it? General opionons, nothing specific
  9. Probably wrong place but going through the list of starting he process of setting up a full time business. Currently deciding on products. Anybody used the Honeywell Galaxy G2K3WL-01-C?
  10. Thanks for info, taken onboard! Do you get a lot of business?
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