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  1. BS5839 talks about adequate support, so the question is, in a closed ceiling space with no access is fixings at 500mm intervals with every second fixing being fire rated adequate, personally I think possibly so. BS7671 on site guide table 4A provides spacing, however this talks about cables in accessible positions, so if the cables are not accessible and unlikely to be disturbed then it is arguable that these minimum fixing spacings are not relevant? I'm looking for some input please.
  2. Morning, I'm out of the office so dont have a copy of the regs with me, I have a site meeting I'm about to go in to and they want to discuss the fixings of cables, as we have flagged up that a sysystem that we are commissioning is non compliant as the cables are fixed every 2 metres. So I need the BS number and reference ideally and the recommended spacings, of the top of my head 300mm horizontal and 400mm vertical normally we space metal ties out further (around every 900mm) and use plastic between, I can't recall what the standards say about this? Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for a CCTV sub contractor in the London area to assist with the Second Fixing and commissioning of some IP CCTV cameras (29 in total) 15 internal domes and 14 external domes, all cables are made off with glass ends ready to plug straight in to the cameras which are all POE. We are hoping to get this completed this week if possible, ideally starting tomorrow, the job is in Finsbury Park London N4 3JG If anyone is interested then please contact me for more details, email in my signature below.
  4. Apologies James, just edited my signature now and put it in there
  5. Good evening all, We are a medium sized company based in Parbold near Wigan, we are currently recruiting for a new Service & Maintenance Manager and also an Installation Manager. If you would be interested in either vacancy, you can either email me your details or you can apply via the indeed links below: Installation Manager: http://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Solid-State-Security/jobs/Installation-Manager-42a5b05b6446032c?q=solid+states+security Service & Maintenance Manager: http://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Solid-State-Security/jobs/Service-Maintenance-Manager-9a7785d0c9c99798?q=solid+states+security
  6. fair enough, at least it on par then with most of your posts
  7. James, i can try and find out them answers tomorrow as I'm unsure. What I have tried in the past is viewing the URL by using a website that hides your IP address, this seems to work. So I'm guessing (again I'm guessing) that the website has the same IP address as our local server and the same URL name. Really the easy solution would be just to move our website off site?
  8. Yes we are hosting it locally on a server at our office. Unsure about the port, I can ask the question. When you say modify our DNS entries? or locally on each machine? Again sorry for sounding a bit dim!
  9. I'm trying to think how best to explain my problem without sounding a bit thick! When I'm at our office, I can't view our website! We host our website on our own servers, and the issue I think is that our host server has the same URL as our website. So the question is how can we resolve this? Would registering a different URL pointing at the website on our servers work, or would we still not be able to view it? Or would we be better moving our website from our servers? Its a bit bizarre, I'm hoping someone can help, as mad as it seems it is driving me crazy not being able to view our website!!
  10. Hi All, I Presently have two vacancies, a brief overview of each is below and further details can be viewed from our website vacancy page http://www.solidstatesecurity.co.uk/vacancies/ Operations Manager - Based at our office near Wigan the successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day service department operation. Service engineer - Southern based, ideally in the Northampton area this role will be predominantly fire based however some security experience would be preferred. Please feel free to message me if you would like further information regarding either position.
  11. Hi All we are looking for a Fire & Security engineer based near Northampton to join our growing service department. The role will be mostly fire related however Intruder & CCTV experience would be a bonus. Unmarked company car, mobile, laptop, iPad, uniform. Please PM me if you are interested in the role for more details. Thanks
  12. sorry to be a spoil sport and go back to the original topic! We have been looking at new systems, the main issue we have is that we use macs, whilst at Firex I came across a company called Tesseract who provide a system for G4S and OpenView, the system is browser based which would suit us as we could access via mac. The main concern is the initial investment! has anyone else come across or heard of this system?
  13. mcelec

    New Training & Development Room

    Our training & development room is starting to come along nicely
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