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  1. stelmo

    Galaxy PA just triggers a fault

    Im concluding that this is some sort of obfuscation of the event(Personal attack input), whilst also indicating that something needs dealing with? Ill go through the event logs, but ive come to the conclusion that this is by design, and not documented
  2. stelmo

    Galaxy PA just triggers a fault

    Definitely says 'System Fault, Reset Required' According to the manual it should result in 'no audible or visual indication of the activation'
  3. Im sure there is an obvious answer to this but its baffled me Ive wired up a relay to zone 2 on a galaxy dimension and set the function to PA silent. when the relay opens all I get is 'System Fault' ive got a 1k resistor in series then a 1k across the relay, so it measures 2k when open and 1k when closed If I change the function of the zone to intruder, from pa silent then opening and closing the relay gives no error! bizarre...
  4. Thanks for that Ill give it a go
  5. Can I set a trigger output from the panel that say when the door opens it controls a relay even when the alarm is not set? i want the input to go to the lights control, save me wiring up other sensors Galaxy Dimension 96 with RSS It would probably be wired to an entry exit zone door switch
  6. stelmo

    Galaxy MK8 Keypad backlight

    I see an option for the backlight for the screen on/off but not the keys brightness level
  7. stelmo

    Galaxy MK8 Keypad backlight

    I just thought there was maybe some key combination to adjust the brightness I guess they are just duff
  8. stelmo

    Galaxy MK8 Keypad backlight

    yea doesn't seem to be a voltage problem
  9. stelmo

    Galaxy MK8 Keypad backlight

    Not sure what you mean there all 3 are MK8, 2 of them seem have very little in the way of backlight behind the keys
  10. I have a couple of Galaxy MK8 keypads and for some reason the key backlight is hardly visible My other MK8 is bright but these 2, barely lit, is there some way to adjust it? I see no controls on the PCB. The screen backlight seems OK
  11. Does anyone have a CEL Discovery/Voyager panel lying around with the printer interface they could part with?
  12. Ment to say also that I dont want to use the wireless offering via the RF module, Id rather hard wire them So presumably just find a smoke detector that has a relay output and wire it upto the zone?
  13. I have a Galaxy dimension, which has fire zones I see in the manual. Anyone have experience of connecting up detectors to this? or is it best to stick to a dedicated panel?
  14. that will do all connected modules will it, not just just the galaxy panel? Scrub that question, i see the e080 has its own spi socket

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