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  1. I think that something poked me just above my hip as I was walking round HMS Warrior in Portsmouth at the weekend. It happened twice as I was walking around the engine room within 3 seconds of each other! Weird!
  2. We refuse to have anything to do with Funeral Directors because we'd hate to have a call out there or be working alongside dead bodies! Anyone got any scare stories?! There was a spate of thefts round here a few years ago where burglars were breaking in and stealing the rings of the dead fingers ewwwww!
  3. Don't be put off by Bellman - he's right on a lot of things but not this one. The Premier range are awesome. We've put in over 100 panels of this range in over the last 2 years and never had a return - not even a keypad. Just a com 300 that was broken from new. You'd struggle to find something they cant do! You can even have half the system ID with the right expansion module - I dont see Galaxys doing that!
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