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  1. Problem is everyone gets equipment at trade price anyway. I dont use ebay, I dont really know how!!
  2. I'm only 24 so I havent come across these much on install but I'm not so sure about the 9448 - I thought it was more like 9452's, if you find the main control panel in the loft of cupboard that will give you a better clue as to what panel you have.
  3. Or as Ive done before with beams across drives, program the zone as guard / or anything, dont assign to any areas, and just simply select chime 2 that way it will chime 3 times if it triggers. Easier just to change it now though!
  4. I had this exact problem in the week on one of our monitored systems. Turned out to be a faulty broadband filter!
  5. You could go for a cheap option and fit those cheap door chimes (set to alarm) you can get in the
  6. I havent got much experience dealing with suites but what you can have a play at is setting up one code that has all the areas assigned to it. It should enable you to put your code in press 'AREA' then if you press 1 for area A, 2 for area B etc and it should enable you to turn areas on and off. Have a go ....
  7. Is it really 20p because Ive been asked this before and not really known, I would have imagined it was more than that?
  8. The European standards say that an alarm is not allowed to display its set status, you would have to untick the box that says enable en50132 in the options then it will probably do as you want.
  9. Maybe add an additional code for the workshops and set it to local arm/disarm and assign it just to area C. Then take C off of all the other codes, thats probably what I would suggest.
  10. I think that something poked me just above my hip as I was walking round HMS Warrior in Portsmouth at the weekend. It happened twice as I was walking around the engine room within 3 seconds of each other! Weird!
  11. You used to ... did it not work then?! Could be a good idea?!
  12. Oh one more thing, a customer was telling me last week that he and his neighbourhood watch area have all been invited to buy
  13. How ironic ... I found an old family airloom today in the bottom of the rim of a Scantronic 9800. Its an old 1940s/50s terminal screwdriver with a pair of naked ladies on that when you turn it upside down their ink filled one piece bathing costumes disappear. Complete with retro haircuts! Shouldnt have been using it for work really because it was my Great Grandad's and managed to find it in his shed when he died ten years ago. But anyway I thought I'd lost it about a year ago but reunited again!
  14. To me it sounds like a classic case of the battery failing in a CQR bell ... I would change the bell to be on the safe side.
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