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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys I follow this forumn from time to time but this is my first post. Had a question on my Agility 3 - I noticed on the version I have, I cannot change certain settings like: System: controls: Configuration Software Enable (Yes/No , Default is Yes) Also cannot change settings like: Default Enable (currently set to N) ARC enable Therefore, looks like I have been given the Sub-Engineer code thus limiting those changes? If I proceed with Dip3 change to default and power cycle, will it perform the reset
  2. Hello guys, I have a Risco Agility 3 with IP and GSM - both comms working fine. I have defined two Follow Me (FM), 1 = Me via SMS and 2 = The Wife via SMS also. I as FM1 get all SMS for events defined no probs. However, FM2 (i.e. The wifes phone) does not get anything - her phone is defined correctly - FM test successful (she gets a text) and she can set/unset via sms no probs. Is this by design perhaps, that the system tries the FM numbers in order and if FM1 IS successful, i.e. a SMS was sent ok to FM1 THEN IT IGNORES ALL OTHER DEFI
  3. My alarm installer is a cabbage and has left me with an alarm system that doesn't seem to be operating smoothly. He left me an engineers installation manual but the grandmaster code he wrote down doesn't work. [Link removed] details [...] to default the Grandmaster and Engineer codes back to the documented [codes] So I took the panel off the wall and carried out the following steps: [Defaulting details removed] [...] then reconnecting power makes the panel announce a tamper error and refuses to do anything on the keypad. Putting DIP switch 3 back in to the on position stop
  4. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has an Risco RS232 cable or a PTM chip that they are willing to flog off? Cheers Max
  5. Can anyone offer an idea? We have an Agility 3 that worked fine for ages, then suddenly went offline for no apparent reason. Now we can't do anything with the keypad - it won't accept an engineer's code or anything - just says there was an alarm on one of the devices [alarm went off when we entered as key fob doesn't work either now.] We tried re-'learning' the pad to the panel, and it says it is fine. Panel LEDs are all correct. Heaps of credit on the SIM card, GSM serive int he area is good. Since it's offline, we can't do anything through the cloud either. HELP???!!!
  6. A couple of weeks ago we started getting a "System Troubles:" message on the keypad screen when attempting to set the Agility 3 alarm. When this message appears it pretty much blocks the alarm from doing anything else. It can happen over and over again. The alarm was installed last March/April 2015 and hasn't shown this problem until February 2016 -- and it stopped us being able to set the alarm on exit for a few days. Then all of a sudden the problem went away, luckily on a day it was really needed. I read in the manual today that the troubles can be bypassed - but is it poss
  7. If I set DIP switch 2 to 'on' and wire up a simple phono cable to the SPKR and GND terminals I can link the Agility 3 panel up to the line-in on my Sonos AMP nearby. This allows the voice notifications and beeps to be played through a selected Sonos zone in the house (or group of them) which is lovely as my main Agility panel is in the loft far away from the front door. However if DIP switch 2 is 'on' and DIP switch 3 is 'off' I get a panel tamper alarm going off. This isn't discussed in the engineer manual so I'm wondering if there's some standard procedure i've missed regarding
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