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  1. so can anyone set up "The Crappy Alarm Company" and fit domestic alarms without a ticket?
  2. But like anywhere, it's all about the money now. Higher sales targets and lower profit margins because there is always somewhere else to go.
  3. I can't comment on pricing, but if someone walked in and said here's my shopping list surely the sales manager would be daft to turn them away. I know it's not going to be a ground breaking sale but the customer wants to give you their money. I also appreciate the installer behind in the queue waiting to order a ton of gear now has to wait.
  4. I have access to an ADI cash account through work and have made it very clear to the desk that its for my own domestic work. They seem more than helpful.
  5. Yeah I agree completely. I've already made contact with ADT. Ill get them to write me a note to take to the TSI hopefully. Then I can carry on experimenting and asking stupid questions on here and getting (generally) nothing but sounds help and advice for which I am very grateful.
  6. No I've confused myself with someone I brought something else from. The name on the panel doesn't match the PayPal transaction. I have contacted ADT to ask them about the panels history. I will also go to ADI once I'm on my feet again. 3 whole days in bed ... Drs orders!
  7. That is an impressive post count. I assume you've been a member of the forum so long you still miss the carriage return lever!
  8. Thanks Charlie, I was hoping perhaps they could confirm or not whether it was sold on legitimately so that I could either report it to eBay or win back the help and support of the forum. Even though the panel appears used. I've spoken to the seller who says he brought it a while back from eBay for a job that fell through. He didn't know it was an ADT model. If they say it's hot then I can't send it back to the seller, but if they said keep it then where do I stand with the forum?
  9. Do they have serial numbers? I'll contact ADT directly.
  10. or its a used panel that has been partially cleared? I would say that the box is a bit scruffy and I've been told it should have come with resistors etc but it didnt. It may point towards the panel being used ?
  11. No the zone list was clear - blank - default - INTRUDER and showed Tamper O/C - but I cleared them. I couldnt clear the LineFaults.
  12. Not sure if its of any help to those still reading but I have just copied off the users list and it had a couple of users in the system still. Im guessing that Mike & Claire no longer needed their system for some reason and that ties in with the paypal details. The zones list was clear though.
  13. The panel is labelled "new" and was from ebay but it was not sold or suggested that it was an ADT panel. I do like the deep end charlie - Im known for doing things that arent exactly the easy way or for making things more difficult so that I can learn in the process. I wouldnt know how to bench test a panel - specifically - what you would check? There is a good chance I have checked something without knowing it! According to RSS, the panel is V6.84 if that helps with its age ?
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