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  1. Miss the point some what i think. The CQR or what ever sounder does not "speak" to the Galaxy end of. Why you keep referring to grading i do not know. Nothing to do with pendantic at all. The confusion was that i thought you implied that you can enrol RF sirens on to a galaxy as you can a Do800M etc The answer is no you cant which i though we had all agreed?
  2. Never fit your own system (more hassle than its worth and an intruder knows a DIY box a mile off) Self monitoring is just no good and means nothing really as you are likely to ignore the call if at work or in a restaurant etc. As above, give ADT a call as a starting figure, some of the deals they do cannot be beaten. Second to that, choose any NSI or SSAIB approved installer to give you a price. The Domonial is a great panel if the installing company has the server which ADT do. It only becomes a pain when you have to get the laptop out etc to programme it or via the keypad. Keyfob is mandatory if Police response but yes if you lose your keys they have access but its no different than losing your car key with the alarm fob/imobiliser built in. Also, you have to know which house the keys belong to
  3. Right, so we are all understood that you cannot fit an RF sounder to a Galaxy panel..... except for an add on type that would have its own receiving module and not be monitored by the panel for RF batt and signal strength etc as a Honeywell device would? Phew! Note to the new owner, have you called ADT to get an idea of price? That would be the best starting point.
  4. As Ronnie said, as far as i am aware you cannot fit RF sounders to a Galaxy G2, flex or dimension. You can on a domonial and we have (internal or external) I never mentioned grading at all? G2 is a galaxy model number.
  5. Yes, the flex would replace, trouble is you need to wire the keypad and i am guessing the Domonial is in the hall in view? Plus i expect there is no wired SAB and Galaxy does not support wireless sounders yet. Where are you based? We only have 3 domonials left in service now.
  6. No point in a DIY system as who is going to respond/take any notice of it? Get an installer in and replace it with an HKC Quantum or Pyronix Enforcer panel
  7. V1.51, we have the lead here Ronnie i can rent it out to you if you like.
  8. Thing is it is all a bit of a nonsense. Its all got too slack. The issue of a certificate should be requested by the insurance company and only a cover note issued until said certificate is produced. Had one the other day, the insurance company just want redcare, ok i said can you confirm what grade etc they are expecting and also if Police response required (it was a takeover with Gal 60 and FX 35 etc so very old). Response came back, they just want redcare so they can tick their box. Nothing is done to enforce these issues from what i can see. And as for certifying a certificate then thats a waste of money. NSI silver and SSAIB are able to get URN's as are Golds so there is no reason to certify a certificate?
  9. Can wire galaxy as DP if you really want?
  10. Are you sure they are ungraded contacts? SC550 is G2, cant see inside the SC517 to see if its a G1 or 2 Obviously hinge side wrong etc. Also, we always run the cable through the Optex foam as it seals better. Shame other Manufacturers dont include a bit, its a good idea.
  11. Too right! been there done that, it gets to you in the end, you need free time too.
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