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  1. This has probably been resolved by now but just incase here is what's happening. All the cvi cameras are all now 4MP. If you have bought a 2MP camera it's a 4MP camera that has been changed to 2MP in the camera settings. When you are in the PTZ settings if you double click it defaults the camera back to 4MP. If you only have a 2MP DVR you will get pictures like in the post. To resolve it you need either a 4MP test monitor or a 4MP DVR. To prevent it when you leave the PTZ menu click no if it's asking you to accept changes.
  2. Quick check list for you for wirefree 2 way wirefree SSAIB or nsi installer Long standing company Batteries changed as part of the service Companies proximity to you If the company ticks all the boxes go for them. A couple of things to be aware of if you want monitoring. If you want police response you will need more detectors to work properly. You will also need to have the alarm reset after an activation. Some companies charge for this. If you want key holders only you will just get a phone call to say the alarm has gone off. Either way for better security you will be better of with dual path signalling
  3. I've seen plenty of bad wired installs. Just because you might not understand something doesn't mean it's wrong. Remember people the job in question is in the north east. You can't charge the same amount as in the south. Not if you want any work that is. If you did you'd probably get a call from the police to you've ripped someone off.
  4. I'd stay away as well. Been in this situation. Had a customer phone me on Christmas day to move a camera because he couldn't see what he wanted. They want to cover a massive area with 1 camera and still get a face. Tell him to fit a camcorder in his bedroom window and he can film what he wants. Or even better move house.
  5. My moneys on a short or water in a door contact.
  6. still makes it more dangerous to over take. I didn't risk it. From experience it also makes it harder to move from the slow lane into faster moving traffic.
  7. Why not just tell all the engineers to take it easy.
  8. No. Who would you pay if it worked on all networks? Try 3. They use orange as well now and are good for data.
  9. Be prepared for it to take much longer for your engineers to get to jobs. I had a hire van for a week that was limited to 60. Couldn't over take anything. Had to sit in the slow lane on motorway ways behind trucks and bloody caravans and panama wearing old gents with boxes of tissues on the parcel shelve. You just can't risk over taking. If they speed up you reach 60 on a single carage way your done.
  10. I agree. Have had times were the images were useless because of a low resolution. Normally because the customer changed their mind on how long they want to record for. Only ever missed an incident due to fps in the days when you could get 50 fps across the board on a 16 channel dvr.
  11. My old boss was done for 65 on a motorway in Wales is a punto van. Think the only van with the same speed limit as a car is the astra. Probably best off talking to the dvla.
  12. The bippers are designed for town traffic not motorways. Would be better suited for a service engineer servicing in the same town. That's the hole point of the stop start technology.
  13. Dvr linked to an output on the alarm and email notification. If the dvr gets stolen no problem. It's emailed you the picture. Could also email you open/closed images.
  14. I use similar steps. Same reasons as already mentioned. Keep inside the van to keep them clean, can be opened into ladders or a platform. Find the only people who don't like them can't work out how to use them.
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