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  1. Haha calm down children it's Christmas!
  2. I think there's probably some underlying issue I have with being away from my phone for more than 10 minutes at a time...but then again I am a 90's kid! One could also say that ability to type a "wordy" reply on a mobile phone depends entirely on the person doing the typing!
  3. So today I became a "full" member on the site (thank you Peter for approving this).... I was just wondering if there's an app I can use to access the forums whilst i'm on the go...? I had a brief look earlier whilst waiting for a panel to upload, but found the PC version of the forum MUCH better to use.... How do you access the forum easiest when on-the-go?
  4. You still on about wireless panels mentioning the Scanny keypads? The ones with flaps I know are like the 9600 ones...ugly as hell but worked very well for their time compared to how slow classic Galaxies were!
  5. Again I'd have to say the Risco Agility is a bit of kit I wouldn't mind having in my hallway. I'd pick it over the HKC any day but I do prefer the features of the HKC. I'm very Risco biased though as they're the only panels I used for the first 2/3 years working with alarms! Now it makes a nice change for me to be working on anything except Galaxy panels!
  6. The company I work for have apprentices who come out with us engineers on occasion...was speaking to one of them the other day who wasn't even born until 1999! Even made me feel old!
  7. Hi there, I'm Alex (new to the world of forums etc) Been an alarm engineer since leaving school in 2008, working in Southern England. Recently started to get into fire panels too, so with the help of you ol' lot might make a decent engineer yet! Looking forward to becoming a "proper" member of the forums once I pluck up the courage to send a pic in of my (horrendously bad) ID card! in advance!
  8. In case this isn't already resolved....If you're using a G3 galaxy panel you should be able to mute the bedroom keypad via 58 keypad > theres an option in there for silencing it somewhere. There's an option in 51 for part set exit or something like that. ignore my reply, didn't read the whole of your last post! i'm now aware its not a gal 3! RE resistance values: there's no exact science to how long the cable can be. different panels will have different tolerances, same for the detectors. You might find that some PIR's and contacts actually have a 0.5ohm reading when short circuited others may be 0.1 so depends entirely on the real world conditions. I'd maybe try swapping the tamper pair on the last device and use any spare cores (or double up if you can).
  9. I've used the Texecom and the Agility kits (both have their own ups and downs). What I would say is that where the Risco is more "fiddly" to set up, their tech support (Roy in particular) is fantastic so you're never far away from someone who knows what they're on about! One dowside (depending on your company servicing/fault finding methods) is that as far as I'm aware when I last fitted one (over a year ago) it doesn't have remote service or UL/DL feature on it. I know it's not on the list, but HKC is who I'd go with for a wireless intruder system. They do a 1070 panel which can have 10 wired zones, wired keypad, wired bell etc or can be completely wireless. They also do a smaller all-in-one panel which is great too just a bit large to have in a hallway for example.
  10. I know this is a bit of a bump and many apologies for that, but it's my first post so hey ho! Risco detectors seem to work well for dogs - not cats. I've never used a detector (yet) that can eliminate cats jumping etc. I can safely say Risco iWise and Bosch BlueLine PET DT's won't give you any problems as long as the customer doesn't have a great dane or a cat!
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