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  1. Does anyone know if a NAS drive can be used as extended storage for an Exaqvision Enterprise system.
  2. Nothing to do with encryption and i can't remember what it is now, but its a real shame that the majority of the info you have to put in never changes and could be pre programmed into the panel and you can't use wintex to do it, whats the point of panel programming software if there are aspects of it that can't be used with certain bit of ancillary kit. Texecom must be loosing sales to manufacturers products like HKC whose products just work effortlessly, also sort out your tech support 1/2 an hour on hold is unacceptable.
  3. One of our previous engineers worked at SPE before the bankers bought them out and told me nightmare stories about the installs they had and the way they treat engineers and I had had enough of the driving and 5:30 am starts. Shame really as H&S had 4 reasonably big jobs with great customers which i will miss.
  4. Yeah the BT home hub 5 is a pile of pooh!!
  5. Adrian Its the extra info that you have to put into the panel since the version 3 update Its all a bit of a moot now anyway as the company has now been purchased by SPY alarms and I quit Friday, so Spy's problems now not mine!! :-)
  6. You could say that!!! We've got thirty odd systems out there and everyone was a mare to set up. We've stopped using Texecom now if the client requires an app and remote control and are now using HKC, it takes 5 minutes to set up and their tech support is spot on, no 20 minute wait on the phone. AND there are several things missing from the Texecom WiFi com manual and the main manual that are VITAL to its remote operation/notification, their tech support (when you can get through to them) confirmed there was stuff missing back in January this year and says the manuals will be updated somet
  7. I"d say Texecoms manuals are fraught with much more liability as theres stuff you need to do in version three that isn't in either the wifi com manual or the main manual, its by far the worst panel on the market to set up with the crappiest app, add to the mix the BT home hub 5 and you can kiss the afternoon goodbye!!
  8. It depends on what you buy, as I've said in another thread, we've got 160 odd 1.3 MP cameras and we've had no failures in 20 months. Running either motion or continuous recording. We also use the apollo and orpheus range of NVR's in all our small Domestic/Commercial systems and they seem to be fit and forget. Should mention the Qvis Cameras and NVR's are rebadged Dahua jobbies, who i found out recently also make the Tyco Illustra cameras as well.
  9. Just logged in on mobile and it sucks major penarse REALLY *****!
  10. Ahh Solid State Hybrid Drives (yes i didi google it) :-) Very quick reply BTW!!
  11. Its not cheap, the developer used to work for us in the nineties and we used it quite a few of our larger sites.
  12. This.......https://www.cortech.co.uk
  13. Would this be along the lines of Datalog by any chance?
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