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  1. Key fob won't tell you where the alarm has activated. Get wireless out of your head.
  2. Trade, really? I can see why he was arsey but I didn't realise. It was a genuine question I asked him but his reaction was off the scale.. I can't deal with that kind of person..
  3. Oh well, that's any sensible input I was prepared offer gone out of the window. All out of proportion comes to mind.
  4. I don't for 1 minute believe that a site with that many devices on will not be under a contract so why don't you ask the maintainer?
  5. But I bet it did actually work which is more than you can guarantee for wireless.
  6. Oh, that doesn't sound great. We had a new service manager when I was at Kings, he came from BT and to be fair made loads of changes, really made his mark and I felt he changed a lot of the way Kings operated (from a service perspective) for the better. Obviously he got the bullet.
  7. In theory no but in reality yes.
  8. Exactly the same? Have you got a spare 232 on the C4 - can you try using this instead of the one yr using now?
  9. Do you get exactly the same problem with both ways of connecting?
  10. Are the 2 bits of kit connected by 232 on the same phase?
  11. Optical isolator - as it says on the tin.. Can you reconfigure the 232 port on C4 to do something else (doesn't matter what) to prove it works properly? Might be putting out ***** and killing the panel?
  12. Any recent C4 firmware updates been applied? Try updating panel firmware? Do you have a ground between C4 and panel on 232? Does it still do it when you physically disconnect C4 and set from keypad?
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