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  1. All panels/keypads afaik did this before the standards changed, it was more about not been able to see it from outside the protected area.
  2. not relevant is it Matt. we all know a proper sensor is always working properly. not all this sleep bollox etc...
  3. agreed, in my opinion Visonic is cheap. Ricochet would be my choice, but I would put pressure on you to hardwire anything you can. Even if it means spending money on decorators you will have a much better system in years to come. Many installers sell wireless alarms but they all know that cabled devices are better.
  4. Personally I think Texe would want to know about any "faults". Irellevant of our spending on said panels. However Matt our relationship with Texe is partly based on our loyalty to them as a panel supplier for a long long time. I am very sure they have valued our business over the years. Is there anyone on the planet that has had a long term business relationship with you? Or ever will have? where's gaz and norman etc... when u need them lol
  5. Ello Jim, maybe you could get the chance to look into the fact that our last 5 r8+ installs had issues with the bell NOT sounding when you enter a guard zone during the entry time. Turn off EN50131 and all is better. There was a thread started about it, and I rang texe tech support (prior to that) but apparently they could not replicate the issue. Will not be using them anymore until I get something solid sorted out.
  6. (^^^^) does shark on somestuff Shift 9 Shitf 6 Shift 6 Shift 6 Shift 0 (^^^)
  7. I notice how lonely when it's the kids sports day and all the farmers are chatting about their trade. I have thought to myself before how different it would be if there were millions of alarm engineers and it was not competitive.
  8. I can imagine him getting a little pissed off whilst in the queue...... With all the kids pointing and saying "look at the size of it..... over there mummy the big one"
  9. As in the BIG ONE @ blackpool? It will surely set a new speed record!!! Gravity and all that,,, ya know double meaning.....
  10. Here is a bet that you are going to miss the train lol Heard so many stories of people waiting hours for a train then popping to the toilet or similar at the wrong point!!
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