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  1. Airtech had analysers built-in on zones 1 to 4 plug in card is a zone expander Still a panel to beat, only fault was not being able to use a 0 and trying to explain that to a customer
  2. I would also be careful if fitting a light that generates heat to any cladding.
  3. Dont they own Texecoms building?
  4. Its as above EOL resistors in heat shrink made by elemdene 8K2 / 8K2
  5. They brought out the Mosiac panel and lost loads of money and customers
  6. Never liked Sage although have used it for the last 30yrs No Freeagent is separate company looks very good, but if you bank with RBS/Natwest you can get it FOC if you meet certain conditions. Probably will have a look, accountant already has some other companys using it and he says its good.
  7. You could do with a small bit of pipe over the LED and the receiver so it doesnt pick up any stray light
  8. TBH never had any issues and if we need anything our business manager is out to us next day. Had issues with others in the past on business and personal accounts.
  9. Anybody using RBS Natwest Freeagent software for accounts ? Was going to upgrade our sage to the cloud version, but or bank manager has put forward theirs, just after any thoughts
  10. Just for H Having a tidy up of the garage and cant believe i found one. Gabs You need a diode across the relay coil of that one you made to protect the transistor and possible a resistor to limit the current the relay pulls, well done on the MK1 cant wait to see your next projects. Send me your address and will send this V foam to you
  11. Never had a problem with them, used loads in the past
  12. Proper company DA pity they didnt want to evolve the abacus instead of selling to Bosch Have a look at the latest company that are saying they are going to take all of the market www.boundary.co.uk and boundary technologies
  13. Oh the G3 its automatically changed when you set up a new site and dial in. But it may never of been connected, and programmed by hand so there is a chance
  14. You might be able to connect the lead but not download if the UDL code has been changed ?
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