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  1. Nova-Security

    New member saying hi

    Oh the G3 its automatically changed when you set up a new site and dial in. But it may never of been connected, and programmed by hand so there is a chance
  2. Nova-Security

    New member saying hi

    You might be able to connect the lead but not download if the UDL code has been changed ?
  3. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    Oh dear, sounds like a dimension replacement.
  4. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    Only installed one flex, use G3 all the time
  5. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    so what are you RF zones numbers 1021 to 1028 ?
  6. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Flex 20 with RF & RIO

    Not sure on the flex but 12 zones on the panel ? add an RF module doesn't that take 8 up making 20 and your panel is a flex 20
  7. Check the monitor first, are you using BNC, VGA or HDMI out of the DVR
  8. Nova-Security

    Texecom Fuse.

    Worked on a few, and changed eng code
  9. Nova-Security

    What texecom system to get?

    Its out, we can buy them now apparently the rep has been in showing us the panel. Dont know who picked the colour of the end station.
  10. Nova-Security

    Problem with ssaib installer

    Cash job more like.
  11. Nova-Security

    SAB Module

    My typo meant 4047 Could do it with a 555 if you could get the mark/space ratio equal, one LED to + rail the other to -
  12. Nova-Security

    SAB Module

    I would have gone with a 4017 mono stable everything built in Did have a SAB diagram somewhere will have a look
  13. Nova-Security


    Does satel meet the requirements of BS8243 / PD6662
  14. you locked up with a PSTN line fault 27/01 on the system which you was notified about, why? Also have you got any pictures of the control equipment in place, two boxes one the control panel another white one with an aerial on it?

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