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  1. Nova-Security

    What texecom system to get?

    Its out, we can buy them now apparently the rep has been in showing us the panel. Dont know who picked the colour of the end station.
  2. Nova-Security

    Problem with ssaib installer

    Cash job more like.
  3. Nova-Security

    SAB Module

    My typo meant 4047 Could do it with a 555 if you could get the mark/space ratio equal, one LED to + rail the other to -
  4. Nova-Security

    SAB Module

    I would have gone with a 4017 mono stable everything built in Did have a SAB diagram somewhere will have a look
  5. Nova-Security


    Does satel meet the requirements of BS8243 / PD6662
  6. you locked up with a PSTN line fault 27/01 on the system which you was notified about, why? Also have you got any pictures of the control equipment in place, two boxes one the control panel another white one with an aerial on it?
  7. What stressed, going more grey and wearing reading glasses due to working on to many panels in dark under the stairs cupboards!
  8. If insurance company had taken the panel, it would have been within a couple of days and they might have the log along with ARC logs. Incident Jan 17 its a bit late to try and do anything.
  9. A galaxy 18 does not have a NVM to store the log, it retains it by a battery on board which if in good condition might hold the programming and log for a month or two as we have found, but galaxy state 48hrs retention and if the battery is knacked as soon as mains and battery backup have been removed the information has gone. QFA If it was communicating via GSM to an approved ARC did the monitoring station get a close the night before the incident ?
  10. Nova-Security

    Identification of reader

    Oh, might not be......
  11. Nova-Security

    Satel vs Paradox which one is better

    Looked at Satel loads of times, great kit but not approved for UK use
  12. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Dimension switch on lights?

    Learnt something new, have always made an area with nothing but a code in it to fire an output
  13. Nova-Security

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    And the sync, was it 0.3v Used to play pool / drink in the pub against one of the men that came up with the multiplexer
  14. Nova-Security

    Hi all, advice, info needed

    Got a load of the spacing rings if you stuck, forgot now which way round it is.

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