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  1. Gaurdtec reintroduce 6 wire keypads a few years ago, back there are on back order due to shortages of some part.
  2. https://www.paxton-access.com/products/net2-proximity-mifare-reader-p50/ We have added Genuine HID Technology to the P50 Mifare readers, they can now read HID 125kHz Proximity tokens, when licensed with an activation card. If required these readers can still be enabled to have Wiegand output, via a separate activation card. They read 125khz ASK fobs as we have some site where they are using the intruder fobs for the access.
  3. Paxton readers have been multiformat for about 5yrs
  4. Not come across any yet around here, only got a handfull of quantums installed
  5. Found a few texecom in recent year like that, cutomer told and quoted to replaced panels by others. Only panel we cant unlock is a Orisec not looked at them enough yet, but need to as they seam to be the panel of the moment.
  6. A dump box you have to learn on like a rio, then use the copy buttons on the dump box. It will work on a 96 Menu option 70 are for a SPI key as James mentioned, thats the only way you can copy a site from the keypad or if its connected to RSS you can send config
  7. Might be due to the NTFS file stucture, this is good https://sourceforge.net/projects/superdiskformatter/
  8. That link in your 2nd picture doesnt look made to me, or is that a before picture?
  9. Whats the panel you are using, RIO is addressed as 3 so the circuits would start at 1031 The wiring looks like its going to ciruit 1 and 2 on the rio but the leg of circuit 1 looks like there isnt anything in it on the picture. In your first post you mention zones 6.7.8 but the EOL resistors are in 6,7,8 and where are you getting the power for the PIR from?
  10. I like ATS and would use them if they were cheaper, cant compete on price just to expensive or was when we looked at them.
  11. Supposed to be really good, not had a look myself but know a few people that use it.
  12. Cant agree more, but then you go on to mention a wireless system thats place on a coffee table and not screwed to the wall, i woudnt consider that a professional system.
  13. if you have the powerline working and your ok with them https://www.gjd.co.uk/products/ip-detectors/ipanything-gjd516
  14. If it had an exisitng URN pre PD6662 then its doesnt need to meet PD6662 until it loses repsonse and then has to be upgraded. Or i have read you post wrong?
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