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  1. Your biased, the only panels we used to fit. When they didnt get DD243 we swapped to galaxy, looked at the Bosch panel which was a 6zone castle panel but it didnt make sense to fit anything under 8 zones Just noticed still got an Aplique 6-14 on the shelf brand new
  2. Did they have placement machines when the 9100 was made
  3. Solder, or as james said above work out the terminals on the keypad for the tamper and put a link on the ones on the panel
  4. Link 2 on the control panel PCB needs to be remade
  5. Honeywell GX app or https://www.selfmon.co.uk/SelfMon/cpanel/
  6. Is it flat 22 by any chance, what happens when you call 22. That will give you more info
  7. The panel will only support 12zones that's why its called G2-12 and there is 12 zones on the main PCB. Upgrade the firmware to a G2-44
  8. Comlite VIP system with app over wifi
  9. All available on amazon and a few other websites direct
  10. One of the 8pin chips above the main IC (probally next to the reset pins), Scantronic sometimes used 93C46 or 24clXX eeproms
  11. They not now, our HS500 bells have a made in china sticker on them
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