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  1. There was a Tech bulletin from Honeywell a few weeks back about them changing servers and details needed updating.
  2. Have a look at group status 53 - 7, should be a - for outputs to work all the time
  3. If the outputs are assigned correctly for that area have you got a bell delay programmed What does not sound e/e or alarm tones ?
  4. Have a look for a Door RAS ATS1170 they have a RTE button input which is timed programmable
  5. Airitech need the 4K7 EOL if the zone isnt used, not like a Galaxy where you can spare it with nothing in the zone
  6. Airitechs need to see a 4k7 EOL even if the circuit is programmed as unused.
  7. Irrigation system covered Next, artificial lighting and electric meter by pass
  8. Yep, but what these governing bodies dont realise is people dont want visitors in to their premises.
  9. FIA Update https://www.fia.uk.com/news/fia-assured-by-home-office-that-personnel-responding-to-failures-of-fire-protection-systems-are-definitely-designated-as-key-workers.html?fbclid=IwAR3v8zomhOyi-pljOJITqlT-qYMQdohsSg-rjQcWF0FhgtQ7LawOCamjbrQ
  10. NSI bullentin 12/20 received today if I have read it right they want you out working, "if your figures fall below or cant show the decrease was genuinely COVID-19 related the auditor will expect to see a plan for improving your routine maintenence performance".
  11. Panel never required defaulting for that, just wouldn't allow a '0' in the code. Still by far one of the best panels ever the CD range QFA they was never white.
  12. Probably already reserved for something, you would have to look through the list of suggestions. As above you would only need that for control when your not in, as most of the traffic should be going out
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