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  1. Yes, dont know which one it is though
  2. But the Co who they binned you off for where to cheap and have since gone bump.
  3. Google and ADT have, so its going to be messy
  4. So it sends a test call at 00:00 56 - 7- 2 Intervals
  5. See which terminal is linked to the transistor then that should be your sounder output Does the chip have 555 on it, as with a couple of caps that your timing circuit so your trigger would go to that chip
  6. They dont seam to have the power anymore to enforcer things, most of the manufactures have have somebody sat on a BS committee and make the regs to suit their panels. If they did manage to do something it would end up like the fire protocols, 3/4 that you can buy of the shelf which are not compatible with each other and the big firms tie it down to their own.
  7. Could be the smart RIO PSU card (one on the right) if its the newer switch mode PSU, seen a few with a dodgy capacitor.
  8. Only every company I have heard of that was developing a G4 detector that sit on the control panel data BUS was risco, but this was when the Grading first came out. Iam glad they didnt make one would have been a joke. Worked in a few banks where they have PACOM panels, and the detectors are still 1980s C+K dualtecs which must be wired EOL as they wont have any sort of data bus between the two. Encrypted protocol wont happen in this country, unless a manufacturer who makes both panels and detectors does it, Thorn had encrypted RIOs for Galaxy think that the nearest anyb
  9. PACOM ACHIEVES HIGHEST EUROPEAN SECURITY GRADE FOR INTRUSION DETECTION EN50131 GRADE 4 APPROVAL. PACOM SYSTEMS® are pleased to announce the 8002 Intelligent Field Controller and associated devices have been awarded EN50131 Grade 4 approval – the highest European standard for intruder alarm securityand signalling. As for detectors Siemens do a grade 4 (never seen one ) A grade 3 system correctly installed would surfice any building with ATS 4/5 CPNI approved detectors are just as rare. Just seen this is public so taken a lot out.
  10. Not all potted, but I would have thought they should be
  11. Start with a scantronic 9651 / texecom veritas r8 / honeywell G4
  12. The early pre dimension could be bought with or with comms onboard C for comms and as GG stated they didnt have any rear off wall tamper. Well that how we always order them.
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