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  1. I like ATS and would use them if they were cheaper, cant compete on price just to expensive or was when we looked at them.
  2. Supposed to be really good, not had a look myself but know a few people that use it.
  3. Cant agree more, but then you go on to mention a wireless system thats place on a coffee table and not screwed to the wall, i woudnt consider that a professional system.
  4. if you have the powerline working and your ok with them https://www.gjd.co.uk/products/ip-detectors/ipanything-gjd516
  5. If it had an exisitng URN pre PD6662 then its doesnt need to meet PD6662 until it loses repsonse and then has to be upgraded. Or i have read you post wrong?
  6. Got prox reader builtin to our laptops (dell) keyboard with builtin reader https://www.dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/dell-kb813-smartcard-keyboard-uk-irish-qwerty/apd/580-18365/pc-accessories
  7. On a 96 isnt 249 the engineer code, there are no options to alter. Need the managers code to alter codes
  8. How you doing it in 6min ? People you are doing enforcer for shouldn't be in the trade, as its obvious they cant read as the procedure is well documented. Your reworked flasher does it just default codes and leave every thing else the same?
  9. Yes, dont know which one it is though
  10. But the Co who they binned you off for where to cheap and have since gone bump.
  11. Google and ADT have, so its going to be messy
  12. So it sends a test call at 00:00 56 - 7- 2 Intervals
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