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  1. One of the 8pin chips above the main IC (probally next to the reset pins), Scantronic sometimes used 93C46 or 24clXX eeproms
  2. They not now, our HS500 bells have a made in china sticker on them
  3. Airtech had analysers built-in on zones 1 to 4 plug in card is a zone expander Still a panel to beat, only fault was not being able to use a 0 and trying to explain that to a customer
  4. I would also be careful if fitting a light that generates heat to any cladding.
  5. Dont they own Texecoms building?
  6. Its as above EOL resistors in heat shrink made by elemdene 8K2 / 8K2
  7. They brought out the Mosiac panel and lost loads of money and customers
  8. Never liked Sage although have used it for the last 30yrs No Freeagent is separate company looks very good, but if you bank with RBS/Natwest you can get it FOC if you meet certain conditions. Probably will have a look, accountant already has some other companys using it and he says its good.
  9. You could do with a small bit of pipe over the LED and the receiver so it doesnt pick up any stray light
  10. TBH never had any issues and if we need anything our business manager is out to us next day. Had issues with others in the past on business and personal accounts.
  11. Anybody using RBS Natwest Freeagent software for accounts ? Was going to upgrade our sage to the cloud version, but or bank manager has put forward theirs, just after any thoughts
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