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  1. Managed to get the image displayed through the app but no chance getting a snapshot via a recipe. Tex rep tried to help but couldn't provide a definite answer. Still waiting for something that could be an excellent selling point ... Bit disappointing to be fair.
  2. Thanks for the tip, done a couple more since and all seems ok now.
  3. Yep, the ricochet learning process seems a bit hit and miss though
  4. Yes it did. Seems to be ok once the data collecting is done and then going in day mode and back in.
  5. Engineer utility, then do bell test then yes
  6. Learned the w/less sab on a texecom 64w kit, wait until all data is collected and all showing ok but no response when the bell test is activated. Tried deleted and relearning, same result. Any ideas?
  7. Hello the good people from Unique, we're a couple of miles away from you on Ashley Road ....
  8. Salut collegue, t'es dans quel coin?
  9. Hi mate, in server, select add new device type and then select P2P, the registered devices will then appear. You may need to ask their tech to " unbound" your account. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi charlie6, installed around 2 months ago, tech support are not sure what it could be
  11. Hi, using Ivms 4200 from Hik, the client get a " abnormal recording" windows popping up at random . Footage is there and exploitable but this message seems to come back every now and then. Any ideas? Also on the app, it appears that they can only access around 3 days of footage at a time, sometimes not the most recent three days? NVR is a 7600 series with 4 ds2112. have any of you wise old owls got any knowledge you'd like to share with a fellow installer/ Merci bien.
  12. A few years back I was showing the trainee where I wanted him to run the cable in the customer's bedroom. On a chest of drawers was a TV with a camcorder plugged into it, about ten minutes later he came running down the stairs asking me to come and take a look at what he found. He pressed play on the recorder and we had half an hour of adult entertainment from Mrs and Mr XXX who were very open minded and enjoyed " trying out new things"....
  13. That was you trying to be funny wasn't it? Good effort.
  14. Key operated metal cased Cerberus-guinard, back home in 1999.
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