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  1. I missed it as well, great film, same vein as the Wanderers
  2. spider

    Rcd Woes...

    Try posting in the UK electrical section of www.diynot.com, you will get some good info (the respondents can get a bit sharp though, Part P and competance are their usual chants lol)
  3. NACP 11 page 8 para 7.3 issue 1 1 December 1990 'As a guide the following is a scale of installations per technician for routine maintenance and serviceing: Up to 150 installations - 1 technician 150 - 500 installations - 2 technicians +1 additional technician for every 250 installations over 500' Their is a bit more about geographics, commitments etc, it does go on to say that their is still the need to provide adequate cover at all times.
  4. A good place to start is with the following document: http://scienceandresearch.homeoffice.gov.u...mp;pubID=453534 From this you can work up a specification, items which should be included are (not exaustive): Camera: TVL resolution, Mono, Colour, Day/Night, Colour Feild of View and image size, what are you viewing and why Lens details, zoom, vari focal, I/R Corrected, F stop Lighting, I/R for example Camera Housings & Mountings Recording: CIF resolution, frame rate and duration Transmission method, twisted pair, coaxial cable, M/W etc Monitoring and type and size of display Multiplexers, Quad switches off site monitoring Compliance to DPA Method of commissioning and compliance to HOSDB guidlines, NACP etc Maintenance Suggested on site spares Maintenance and reactive call out service Their is more, but you get the idea! I know this dosn't answer your question directly, but this is the foundation of a system design and without this information, costing will be inaccurate and you might install what the customer thinks he needs rather than what he wants. Good luck Ian
  5. Just reminded me of a nightmare job, 330 contacts, we could not drill as the client was a leaseholder and at the end of tenancy everything had to be returned to prior ocupation standard. We used an epoxy adhesive, using IPA wipes to degrease the surface first, you must ensure that you use aluminium shims or other non ferrious material beneath the magnet otherwise you might end up with poor contact performance or worse residual magantism in the frame and the contact fails to operate! Where possible we fitted the contacts inside 16 x16 trunking as it made the job very neat, especially when finished with decorators chalking, vipers were mounted parallel to the trunking, again bonded to the frame. Good luck
  6. PL indicates Power Loss, this would be normal after first power up, I do not have a manual for this VCR, but it was usually reset from within the on screen menus Ian
  7. spider

    Lucy Mc 100n Mk 2

    Could try posting on diynot.com
  8. Hi Madkad, I would suggest a life cycle replacement factor of 5 to 7 years for buget costing purposes.
  9. Very best wishes to all & a prosperous new year Ian
  10. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Module...50&T=Module
  11. Is it possible to 'coral' your most valuble asset behind a secure fence, possibly consider and electrified one with alarm output to a guarding service. http://www.simtecsolutions.co.uk/?gclid=CL...CFQRcQgodiVv--g It all depends on conducting a risk assesment and operational requirement to explore all the avenues, it might be that business continuity planning in the case of a substancial stock loss might negate the need for an in depth security stratagy for example. Get your insurer on board, ask them to advise, local police (maybe engage counter terrorist officer he will have been on specialist training regarding the protection of assets), how do others in your trade manage, local security companies etc
  12. Is this in relation to cable spaceing factor within containment or tempest issues?
  13. http://www.discountlocks.co.uk/ProductDeta...CFQuJ1QoduDkmZA
  14. "poorly soldered with large blobs of solder, and large amounts of flux around the solder points" it might be that they have gone over to lead free solder and not increased the iron temperature )
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