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  1. Cheers mate any idea which cores or numbers in the rj45 are which? There's another working ip camera near this and I can get to that cable, any way I can splice that cable and take the power from there?
  2. Evening all, would it be possible to connect a hik ip cam using just 4 core of a cat 5? Dont know whats happened to the other 4 but as its ip im a bit stumped especially with this poe aswell cheers in advance
  3. Which knipex u got Stevie? 160 or 180s?
  4. Sooo people, thought id find out what cutters and screwdrivers everyone on here uses Currently got the 160mm bahco's and they;ve been really good, might swap to the 180 but also heard good things about knipex Screwdivers wise - cant beat the ratchet with the standard terminal and some others. If need be might get the Wera kraftforms just to be a bit different
  5. Yep thats the standard new type Bit confusing to figure out how to use it fully with all the functions and that but pretty sure the new ones can work with 5mp cams and that
  6. whats the postcode mate? Might be able to help you out depending how quick you want it done
  7. Morning ppl, so its time to upgrade the old trusworthy cctv handheld monitor I know the new ones do tvi, ahd, ip etc..... but also some of them do cat 5 cable tests and tdr and all that. I need one to just do cctv as normal but if it can also do a proper test on cat 5 to see if any cables are crossed over or shorted etc.. would be good so what have you guys got
  8. where is trig a wired into on the galaxy? probably need to change output type from calling when set
  9. People for the premier elite keypads can you only use texe tags or are other ones ok to use We normally use visonic and galaxy systems and got a load of their chicklets and fobs and left a couple on site after installing a texe panel and keypad for customer to programme but their not working Obviously we are not fully clued up on the texe stuff but do they work a bit different as I know the visonic chicklets and galaxy fobs do work eotb each other and scanny keypad etc... all
  10. Taken away output now only 2 Writing a Description is much longer, more like how the galaxy 60 used to be No silent part Inline psu - really loll Actually I shouldn't have said **** it's not really but upgrades should mean that. Keep everything the same and just add to it really
  11. Don't do it mate there **** loll Hate what Honeywell have done so many changes and most of the good features of g2 not present That's my opinion anyway
  12. As what the others have said mate, get it done 1 time properly will be worth it in the end Visonic, Texe, Pyronix, honeywell all are good
  13. lol, these type of customers are the best As always good to keep a few happy and in the phone on the off chance you need some 'help'
  14. Damn and here i am with the measley 1 tool box Need to step my game up, then again you have to have 2 sets of screwdrivers and everything right? well ive still got my forge steel side cutters and use them whenever i need to if i dont worry about forgetting about them i.e. building sites etc. loll, you can also put stickers on a bag mate, im the opposite i think i already am the odd one out with still keeping a box with the abv on the right corner Sort of already deicded, on bahco cutters but still debating the bag - not a small decision Like totoro had said maybe something with a small slot for resistors and fuses, then again my toolbox has already got that lol
  15. Hey all, so the toolbox is looking a bit worse for wear so trying to see what to get as a good replacement really thinking about getting a toolbag as its a lot easier to carry around so what are you lot using Also same issue with the cutters, any good ones you've been using - thinking about the new bahco 160m side cutters all
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