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  1. If the DVR is analogue then I'd say your DVR was incompatible to receive the signal correctly you need a hybrid DVR is one that can see and cvbs tvi and cvi signal not just cvbs
  2. I'd say try a new cable first on cat 5 with Balinese and power run through that also whole the camera is powered check the voltage at the camera end it should be around 13 ISH volts if DC 12 adaptor
  3. The image won't load properly but sounds the cables that are pre made are causing image loss someplace the video coax with a rg59 cable or a cat5 or 6 with a decent balun at each end of the run pre made cables are not much good from what I've found with them
  4. satsuma01

    Hikvision external DVD writer

    Bet you have to be nuts to work there
  5. satsuma01

    Hikvision external DVD writer

    I've used a Samsung DVD writer external with no problems on my Hikvision dvr as I used the DVS writer space for additional storage HDD this a link to a Samsung DVD writer unit if its of help https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Samsung-8x-Slimline-External-USB-DVD-RW-DVDRW-DVD-Writer-SE-S084C/192627842398?epid=1905148408&hash=item2cd9839d5e:g:F-MAAOSw5UZY-I7r
  6. Is there CCTV installed on the site or is there only security fencing around perimeter of the main area
  7. satsuma01

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    Yes that was taken about twenty minutes after the filters were cleaned and washed out so that's why it was a murky picture but yes there is a camera in the fish pond
  8. satsuma01

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    The iris button on ivms 4500 is the fourth one along on the screen shot attached the red thing is the joystick enable that and the menu above comes up going from left to right the controls are autorotate camera -zoom control-,focus control- iris control - presets menu
  9. satsuma01

    CCTV pan tilt motor

    I think aissecur is correct it's a old dennard motor well done and many thanks thismwas amoicture from a programme in the 1990's and I was curious what unit they had used
  10. satsuma01

    CCTV pan tilt motor

    Does anyone recognise the motor for the ptz in the picture which manufacturer made it many thanks
  11. satsuma01

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    What app on mobiles does the qvis range use and how stable I'd the app to the DVRs
  12. satsuma01

    Can anyone identify this?

    not sure if this is any help to OP http://www.electronicsecurityinstallations.co.uk/user_manuals/aritech_advisor_CD7203_CD95-15003.pdf
  13. satsuma01

    Maglock on wrong side of door

    What about changing the fixings for the mag locks.to the frames to security screw type fixings with none standard heads or needing.the proper tool.for.the screw or.bolt removal
  14. satsuma01

    How to reset a panic button

    there should be a key left by the unit or with you from the owners, if not pm me your address and ill send one in the post, a small shaped keyhole on the unit is where the key fit and you just twist the key to push the trigger button back to break the contact.
  15. satsuma01

    Moving CCTV DVRs

    if its an analogue system like whistle says run 8-10 cat 5's and patch each cat 5 camera signal to the pair on the new cat5's in a big junction box, then balun on end to dvr. http://www.netshop.co.uk/product/90/6468-5-080-00

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