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  1. Hi I've been asked by a client about the touch screen galaxy honeywell cp040-01 touch screen alarm. Keypad does anyone know if this keypad is suitable and able. To. Be installed to. Their galaxy g2 20 panel its using the mk7 keypad at the moment many thanks
  2. Let the guys here know your area and maybe one of the guys could price it up whos local to you
  3. No no silicon require there's a rubber seal around the edge inside on the cover grove
  4. It's a honeywell pet sensor sealed and works great makes the dome move up. The drive if there's someone about and there ones by the door gate side etc all around the bungalow
  5. You better watch out You better not. Try You better not thieve I'm. Telling you why Santa cam is watching in town Its writing its log And backing up twice It's going to find out If you've been naughty and nice Santa cam is watching in town It sees you when you are prowling It watches you at night It sees you steal that Christmas tree It's red eyes give a fright You better watch out You'd better not try You better not thieve I'm. Telling you why  Santa cam is watching in town Beard idea from my partner santa hat was. My idea
  6. It's all one yard and building but they are expanding into a new trade counter from the old one and need to know if they require a fire alarm installing into their premises I have said they do as public are entering the centre Do you know the area coverage per smoke
  7. Does anyone know where a builders yard with a public and trade counter stand with regards to fire protection within the premises do they require a fire alarm installing within the trade area center and warehousing connected to the trade centre
  8. Did you manage to find the article about them logging into the systems
  9. https://www.screwfix.com/p/sds-plus-shank-masonry-drill-bit-10-x-1000mm/4623V?tc=QB2&ds_kid=92700022885050251&gclsrc=aw.ds&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnpXmBRDUARIsAEo71tTyfh0O4j9LcLsboVvd6ZGfXYMa4e2-4JVPUdH3rLDDgXI2qb1ibKoaAg0XEALw_wcB Reviews seem quite positive tbh
  10. If the DVR is analogue then I'd say your DVR was incompatible to receive the signal correctly you need a hybrid DVR is one that can see and cvbs tvi and cvi signal not just cvbs
  11. I'd say try a new cable first on cat 5 with Balinese and power run through that also whole the camera is powered check the voltage at the camera end it should be around 13 ISH volts if DC 12 adaptor
  12. The image won't load properly but sounds the cables that are pre made are causing image loss someplace the video coax with a rg59 cable or a cat5 or 6 with a decent balun at each end of the run pre made cables are not much good from what I've found with them
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