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  1. Ok will try that. I think starting afresh is a good idea. I did originally have the unused zones locked out via option 18 “Spare”. The manual does state that it is recommended that a 1k resistor is connected across the zones, is this so on a Rio? All though it does look like the zone 1-2 legs are touching they are not, it’s just the angle the photo was taken at. Once I have got it working I intend to tidy everything up. Thanks
  2. I have just realised that I have uploaded the wrong photo, the correct one is now attached (Joys of posting in the early hours while waiting for meds to kick in). The Rio is set to 5 and not 3 as previously stated. Zone 6 is not connected yet in the photo. The zones are 1051 to 1058 i have reconnected link 4 and still the same. The panel is a Galaxy 48. Thanks
  3. Sorry, not worded very clearly. The resistors are at the 2 contacts and the PIR, only the unused zones have them at the Rio
  4. By the sound of it I am doing it in error. I followed another post I found online. I have only cut one side so I can easily reattach it it. Hopefully you lot can tell me the correct way to do it. There are only 1k resistors in the unused zone terminals, plus 2x1k on the other 3 zones Thanks, Keith
  5. Hi all, following a few garage break-ins on our estate lately, I decided to change to a Rio from a single zone so I can add a PIR. Everything went ok, the system detects the Rio, Rio set to slave via link 4, but I can only get one zone to work.All are set to intruder. zone 8 Roller shutter contact - works normally zone 7, PIR - Nothing zone 6, Door contact, Nothing I did have the Door Contact working on zone 2 at one time when I tested it before installing. It is set to address 3 I have searched online for guides on installing nd programming, but can find very little. Photo is from when I tested it. Thanks for reading, Keith
  6. All done now, works perfectly Thank you to all those that replied, I’m most grateful
  7. I redid it properly, with the correct cable and in conduit this time. The funny thing is that I didn’t even know I had any phone cable.
  8. Thanks for all the help, but I don’t think even you lot could solve this !!! I had this great idea to bury the cable going to the garage while I was doing the footing for a patio. Buried it under 6 inches of hardcore and concrete, then paved the whole thing. Just gone to connect the wires and found out I have used phone cable by mistake, knew I should have use conduit
  9. Thank you MrHappy, thats how I thought Just so I have this right in my head. If I only used the white wires and someone cut the metal cable, it would cause a open circuit. Using the red as well, it will cause a tamper ? Keef
  10. I want to add this contact to my garage door but I am not 100% sure about the wiring It has, 2 white wires - reed switch 2 red wires - tamper I know how to wire the white wires via EOL, but do I need to use the tamper wires as well, or is it not necessary ? I was thinking 1k across the white wires Zone common in to white wire other white wire to red other red to zone return with 1k Thanks for reading, hope it makes sense
  11. Ok, thanks for the replies. I will just keep omitting the zone to keep it simple. I did lie about no more questions though ! On my siren there is a link for “ENG” which I assume is to hold off the siren when servicing it. Is that a + or - feed, or should it be connected somewhere else on the main board, such as RIO 1003 and programmed, hope that makes sense ? Thanks, Keith
  12. Ok, thank you That make perfect sense, and also explains why I couldn’t find how to do it. One last question, I currently have it set up for full and part set, is there a easy way of adding “Night set” as well. I have a dog which when he is left alone indoors I part set, but at night I need to turn off 1 pir (Conservatory) so we can walk around when it is set, I currently have to omit it every time. Thanks again, Keith
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