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  1. I've had my car attempted twice but fortunately both times they failed. Always put key in faraday box. After first attempt I had the ghost immobiliser fitted as was fuming and angry. After second failed attempt was toying with the idea of a bollard behind car but thought they've failed twice and not got past the first layer of security so just left as it was. Very clear Cctv on second attempt but police not interested as he had a mask on so couldn't positive id him even though very distinctive jacket and clear audio
  2. Has been compared to an ATS by one of my chaps that has completed the online training.
  3. Has anyone worked on inner range equipment. Have some demo kit being sent down to have a play with but it's not a manufacturer I've ever come across
  4. I'm removing a 9800 tomorrow from a neighbours property I fitted about 20 years ago. Keypad is only 10 years old as I had to replace it.
  5. When changing batteries I have also found that shorting out battery terminals when you removed batteries help and also to activate the tamper switch a good few times prevent random tamper faults happening after battery changes. Had a couple of sites where tampers always happened a couple of hours after servicing
  6. On the older ones there were 2 attributes called unused. Never remember having to put resistor in unused cct
  7. I've just come across the sonoff range of smart home. Cheap as chips and have automated lights and things in outbuildings so far to see just how reliable it is. Wife isn't impressed !
  8. You need to address the keypads then assign the new address as a keypad
  9. abbz

    Pyronix Cloud

    Usually they will refuse to let the end user subscribe once the system has been registered. Have had to jump through hoops when I was in a similar situation with a customer. Ended up easier to just buy a new panel and start again
  10. My folks garage still has one of the original Adt Focus bell boxes up. Still happily ringing away 24 years later
  11. Was called a SAS II if I remember correctly. Made by Klaxon
  12. abbz


    Workplace parking tax considered by councils http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-47177240
  13. I watched the vids and loved their reactions when they got back up. Was like what you think your doing, you can't do that. Shame that they get back up off the floor
  14. I've got the ring pro and can't fault it. it's used solely as a doorbell which lets me know when someone rings it and has on a few occasions been useful for when parcels have been attempted to be delivered. Can't fault it really
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