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  1. after that? i figured that, but i only ever switched the line detect off before, what do i remove to stop it calling the arc, or is PM in order here?
  2. Hi Right then, this customer wants me to go and remove an error, apparently they got full access to codes but have some kind of continuos message appearing "ARC comms fail" or something like that is described, i am assuming they have disconnected the telephone line and they have had an alarm perhaps false alarm , and it wants to dial out each time that happens whats the option to stop it from wanting to do that? i dont deal with arc's at all so just want to tell it not to do it on alarm yes another ex ADT system
  3. i did a job up in er forgot the name of the area but it was some ambasoders house , they werent to happy with ADT anyhow they used standard 6 core to all the keyprox! thanks for the advice
  4. Hi ok i read some other threads, but to save running extra cables anyone managed to get sheilded alarm cable 8CORE in and out of a kyprox without having a mess in side, i tried it and wasnt working out very well and didnt want to run another cable to the location, or do you think better to put a joint in and continue to the keypad in one direction and detector in another direction Belden Cat5 6 core Alarm shielded 8 core alarm shielded Obvious types, sorry forgot to mention going in and out of a honeywell keprox, i often notice there tampers are very sensitive and the f
  5. Chicken cottage - dead G3 - dead keyprox - no they dont want that fixed - they want the fault fixed on there new alarm - yale! what you lot on about eh? customers?
  6. hi sorry delayed reaction, but thought this might be useful if your panel supports some or all of the protocols like the galaxies do, the following have been fitted, its exepensive as it is said before gsm modules with a couple of inputs are quite cheap, but you recieve detailed events if you can get it to work on any panel that supports contact id, etc http://www.topkodas.lt/modules.php?name=Products&pa=showpage&pid=54 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320721962509?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  7. no lol i trust the experts, but your right i dont know these panels very well and after taking over a few small repairs its getting interesting, odly enough the documentation i did have had a picture of the board showing the grey connector as the programming block, so that threw me a bit or a lot perhaps! but anyhow i got the information now many thanks for the continued help
  8. i sent you a pm Mathew, ok i assumed the rss uses 232, because the programming header uses the rss
  9. yes correct, i dont know the other way but i have software easy enuf on the g3 dimensions etc but havnt done it on these before,
  10. ok but i dont want to have to reset the whole panel to get the codes out, so you suggest just direct connect to the tel port?
  11. come on, all experts sleeping in lol
  12. hi anyone know the pinouts for header so i can connect? rss i dont have a lead for it i can make one i guess
  13. thanks sorry about the other two posts my pc crashed i had pressed enter three times thinking it wasnt submitted, perhaps someone can delte other two posts
  14. silly question? blue rio and green rio ie the pcb , was there a difference but marked c072-36 or basically they all work on both the g2 and dimensions
  15. lol i was in tv and video to! good old city and guilds! but that industry took a big dive mid 90s didnt those 9800's have an eprom which overwrites itself and can only do it so many times so last many years but that was there main failure......
  16. just to add my 2p diy worth of advice , yes put it in skip even i wouldnt touch em, but in case of the fault suggestion above sounds right , hold of voltage to low or not there, you went out came back, bell used up the internal battery , but then again i went for a repair once where the customer panicked couldnt remember the code, so opened the panel (one of those weird MDT panels mini) disconnected battery removed the mains and back up battery and waited till the bell switched off and was left with a click click click..... wheres the skip!
  17. you guys really are old on the job! i used to solder these in DA systems in Southall lol , factory was strange place boss couldnt count either!
  18. ok cool i am in as discussed thanks for reminder
  19. ah mr G didnt expect you to reply, you know who i am (ethernet card?) anyhow this panel is fresh, i tried default passwords but it came from ADT stock do you know there default rss codes? i tried the 9*****....... and the 5****....... but no go
  20. Hi I am trying to connect to the panel via rss but i keep getting wrong password, as you know eventually the panel will signal, can you remember the options where i can find the password its looking for, i not a galaxy expert so would appreciate the help, i have all other access codes thanks
  21. some might call me a diyer, any of you old timers remember these?
  22. Hi Could someone tell me which rf portal is compatible with the 520c eg c079-2? and others? and also i assume the c077 is only for the G2? or c012 panels thanks in advance
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