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  1. Thanks all, this help is great. Just had a look at the programming manual James and I believe that what you've mentioned is my best option. So my installer can program the front door contact zone as 'Final Zone' and specify it also as an terminate entry/exit zone. But, program the PIR to entry/exit (without the terminate command.) If I walk into the vestibule, having not opened the front door, the PIR will initiate the entry/exit tones first?
  2. My understanding is that entry-exit zones are 'instant' UNLESS a final exit /entry device has been triggered first (or the user is leaving the property.) Therefore, that PIR will instant-alarm if I enter the vestibule in the morning.
  3. Were getting an alarm enginer to do some updatea and I would like clarification of honeywells g2 zone programs. Our property has a front door, leading to a small vestibule, which then leads to a second 'internal' door which leads into the hall. The keypad (a MK7) is located in the vestibule, between those two doors. The vestibule also contains a PIR. When leaving the property, we want to terminate the exit countdown on closing the front external door (or initiate countdown on opening the door) and therefore the front external door has been specified as a'final exit zone.' However, we also want the vestibule PIR to be active during part set and night set modes on our G2-20 panel. We want that PIR to trigger the entry/exit process when we enter the vestibule to disarm via the keypad in the morning. As this 'morning disarm ' process doesn't require us to open the front external door (programmed as final exit), does this mean an installer cannot programm that PIR to 'entry/exit.' Doing so would result in an instant alarm as the external door (final zone) had not been opened beforehand and therefore that PIR would be functioning as an intruder zone. What would be the result of programming that PIR AND the external doors mag-contact, both as 'final zone.' Can PIRs even be used as a final exit zone. Apologies for the horrendous grammar. Blame it on stubby fingers and a small phone.
  4. Don't great minds think alike. My installer was advising on gradings today. Still waiting to here from the insurers about their cover. Thanks for the welcome.
  5. Hello all, Not employed in the industry, but about to start operating a commercial photography studio with various high-end assets to protect, as well as a gallery containing various originals from a few big-names. In the process of working alongside an alarm company to specify a suitable system. Had some good (some terrible) experiences with a few alarm companies, both large and small, and realised it would be useful to educate myself about the fundamentals/basics of alarm and surveillance systems. I'm not the type to meddle/tamper-around with electrics or attempt self-installs, I leave that to you-pros (and quite right too) so I'm more of a nosey by-stander. Really enjoying this process and starting to get the 'security-bug' if I'm honest. Will be a bit disappointed when the installation is complete as my evenings glued to security retailers websites, deciding between a tampered or untampered magnetic contact or sourcing confirmed panic buttons, will have to be replaced with 'talking to people'....Sad huh? Honey-Well
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