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  1. New everything. I never liked it! Interestingly enough though over the last few nights the blox started flashing bright blue even tho the leds were green. Obviously warning me of the impending noise /failure!
  2. Lol real time update I took the fuse out and the battery. All dead now!
  3. Or I guess as now it's useless I can just remove the fuse from the fcu next to it? Just don't want that sodding thing going off. I assune the batteries must have been dead in the bell box?
  4. Okay so tonight it set off again and wouldnt turn off at all so ran to the control unit and took the cover off. So for the bell cable there are wires connected to: Strobe - Bell + Bell - Bell hold Sab tmp In my panic I cut the bell +. It stopped straight away. Is that okay? Or should I just remove all the bell wires? I'm okay with an error message on the rkp but I just don't want the internal sounder to go. Can see why you guys earn your money now when things go wrong!
  5. Lovely ta. I'll show it the lump hammer soon!
  6. Lovely thanks that's really helpful. But in the meantime is there anyway to shut it up??!! I've left the unit with the message showing in the hope it doesn't do anything again but obviously I can't arm it now. It's an old texecomm unit up there. If I was to get a wired odyssey one from texecomm should it be compatable?? The last one I did was super bright even in the day unlike this one. If so I'll order at lunch!!!! Thanks again for the heads up.
  7. Hi. Every so often I get the above message on my risco gt 600. Is there a way to temporarily stop it from blaring out? Even in engineer mode it still goes off internally and externally. It also chirps for a second every so often without giving a message which I assume is telling me the back up battery needs replacing?? I know it needs to be seen to but don't want to spend any money on it as willbr getting a new one soon. Hopefully there might be a setting? Or just disconnect the cable from the control unit??? Ta.
  8. Many thanks all. All much appreciated. So does anyone know about remote apps being restricted from diyers!?
  9. Thanks for the reply. No instructions any more? Crikey! To deter DIY I assume. The cables go up the front of the house in a conduit which I assume is okay so would be easy to replace the cable to be honest. I still have a massive reel from last time! Sorry the control panel isn't in the loft it's in the garage. But in the loft is a unit which is ultimately wired to the control panel. I think it picks up the signals from the wireless pirs in the house. With the richocet I believe the rkp acts as a bridge to connect everything up so this wouldn't be needed in the future. So you haven't heard of apps being restricted to end users at all? Again thanks for the great reply.
  10. Hi all. I've got a risco gt600 which was installed about 5 years ago by the previous owner by someone who works in an alarm company as a private on the side job. It had one hardwired pir in the garage where the control panel is and the rest wireless pirs in the house with a unit in the loft for the wireless pirs to connect to. Oh and a hardwired rkp in the house also! I've always had a few issues with it. Every so often one of the sensors would false alarm (mainly the same one), then recently I got a 'o!' fault which I got rid of by changing the pir batteries (although I couldn't find out what that fault code meant the battery had the date of Sept 15 written on them), then yesterday the final straw came when the system set off with a bell box wire fault which although unarmed set the inside AND outside siren off. We reset it and it cleared. In my old house I installed, thanks to the help from this forum, a texecom ricochet system with comm WiFi which was great and never false alarmed and gave me remote monitoring capability. It seemed so much more up to date compared to the risco alarm which always looked cheap. What I am thinking of is to do the same in the new house. But I just wanted to check as I remember someone saying that it's all changed now and I couldn't get the app or something without being a registered installer. Is that right or would I be good to go? I read this forum a fair bit and know the onus always seems to be to suggest that one should always go with a registered installer but would appreciate some genuine advise please, considering this is in the DIY section of the forum. Many thanks in advance and I appreciate all the help given to me over the years especially in those dark days setting up the WiFi unit which was the hardest thing I've ever done!!!!!!
  11. Cheers all for all replies. Just trying to make my existing alarm as good for me as I can. It's not the one I'd want but better than nothing. regards. Andrew
  12. That sounds very interesting and explains a few things!!! Many thanks. Should I leave the other PIR options alone though whilst sorting the Leds out?
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