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  1. Hi, If i get one of these, does it have to be wired in End Of Line, or is it just a functionality that it has, and can be wired in in other formats: https://www.alertelectrical.com/texecom-premier-elite-quad-element-pir-aff-0001.html Thanks.
  2. Yes you are correct thanks. You have to change between global and area timings for this to take effect Much appreciated.
  3. But on a serious note does anyone know that if I set a global bell delay, will that still set off the internal sounder immediately? It says 'this timer controls the delay between an intruder alarm occurring and the bell/strove output activating' which I read to be the case. The internal siren wakes me up immediately so this would give me a few seconds before the external bell activates. Bad practice I can imagine but until I get this sorted perhaps....
  4. Although I'm sitting here looking at the manual and see the double knock feature....... ? Now if I could just set the time for 2 seconds or something!! ?
  5. I was half joking about the pairing but my reasoning is that if I get this then it's potential piece of mind. If that goes off then I know there's a placement issue. If not I have an extra pir to use and if that old one goes off in the new place then I guess I have my answer. I don't think I have the patience and clarity of mind to study thr manual to beam pair pirs!
  6. All great info thanks. https://www.citysecuritysystems.co.uk/intruder_equipment/intruder-detectors/texecom-premier-compact-qd-w I assume this is what I'm after? It's a wireless quad. If so that's a decent price I'll order one tonight, maybe two and beam pair them lol. I'm going to move it maybe a foot away from the corner just in case it's a draft from between the patio doors and curtains.
  7. Many thanks I will follow all your advice to hopefully get this sorted. Just one last thing - could it go off by something a postman walking past the bay window or lights of a car or a loud car or something? There is a small gap in the blinds in the bay window at night. Ill see how much a quad is. Probably worth the investment to be honest. FYI I was hoping you'd all scream it was the wireless thermostat interfering or something! Ah well. Cheers again.
  8. Hi all. Many thanks. I believe it was kit 2: https://texe.com/uk/products/series/wireless-kits/premier-elite-series/ So just a standard pir. I have another in the hallway and another in the kitchen and a wired one upstairs and a wired dt in garage. And a contact on the front door. I hope you can see the basic pic of my layout. Pir is in bottom right corner. I doesn't point to anything that moves. We have no pet. It does point to a wireless thermostat which on the wall opposite to the window if that helps. Im thinking of
  9. Amazing responses many thanks. Just out the mo but will digest and possibly draw the room out later today. Thanks again.
  10. Sorry the key thing I should have added that this pir is wireless. There are a few more like this in house that don't false alarm though. As I said many years ago when I put in a system in my previous house, if you took all the guidance from texecom you wouldn't be able to put these pirs anywhere because they have to be a certain distance from steels, radiators, windows, air, and walls! The biggest problem for me in placement are steels as both ends of my living room have steel lintels. Also both ends have floor to ceiling glass windows / patio doors although I can't remember if
  11. Morning ? Just a quick question please. Our old alarm had a few false alarms in its time. Our newish one (a texecom premier elite) has also suffered two. Both at night. One just now. Always scares you right up cos its so loud with the internal sounder. And every time I think the neighbours are going to hate me and the kids cry. Anyway, apart from one time it's always been the lounge pir that sets it off. If you got called out to this sort of thing, what be your standard procedure please? Can you install two pirs and have it so they
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