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  1. Cheers all for all replies. Just trying to make my existing alarm as good for me as I can. It's not the one I'd want but better than nothing. regards. Andrew
  2. That sounds very interesting and explains a few things!!! Many thanks. Should I leave the other PIR options alone though whilst sorting the Leds out?
  3. Hi Sorry to dredge this back up but I now have all the necessary codes and have checked the entire set up with regards to how the part arming is configured etc. I do have a question though as although I can get the instruction manual for the unit is can't seem to find anything on the wireless pirs...... They are all set to flash theit lights when they are set off but I can only seem to get them to light up every few minutes and they seem quite tempeamental(risco T92). Inside they have options for mode and pulse but I can't see anything online about these options (pulse 1 2 3, mode full norm fast). Can I adjust the sensitivity? Thanks!
  4. Many thanks all. Perhaps I'll just stick with this one and tweak it and be happy with it. Regards.
  5. Well I got the master code! That allows me to authorise an engineer..... Can you get a newer control panel I could swap that lets you use an app i wonder?
  6. Hi. I think it was 1234 and the master was 5678. Neither work. No idea re loft. When I get up there again soon I'll take a pic! There's only about 4 PIRs though in the house, so would that need an expander? Yes the rkp is fine, it's just my camera!
  7. Hi all. A couple of years ago several of you here kindly guided me along and helped me with several aspects of installing an alarm at my old house. It was a Texecom Ricochet with a comm wifi unit. It was great and never had a false alarm, although configuring the wifi part was a real un-intuitive bugger. Well, last week I moved into my new house. I didn't get much in the way of documentation for anything as it had been empty for a couple of years / was probate. However, I did get a user guide for the alarm, which is entitled RISCO "GT 600 601 control panel" and seems to have been installed in 2015. There is a t-tag thing by the front door, a large main box in the garage (I guess this is called the "control panel"), a clearly wired PIR in the garage, what seems to be wireless PIRs dotted around the house, a door contact (wired or wireless I'm not sure), an external siren box, and possibly an internal siren (I opened it up thinking it was a air freshener!! It didn't set the alarm off though!). There's also a blinking box in the loft, I guess which is somehow serving the external siren box but I'm unsure what this is, unless it's a battery pack or something?? In the garage by the main box is a telephone socket. There's also a really old siren box at the back of the house, whether this is defunct or not I don't know. When I present the keyfob to the tag box, it presents me with three options: set alarm, remove zones, test alarm. I don't have any codes for the alarm, just the fobs. I don't even know if they are all for the same user or not (it doesn't welcome me like the texecom). What I've love to know is more about the alarm please, and how I can start to configure it myself, like I did with the texecom. I like to know everything about things and be in control, but at the present I seem to be severely limited! I guess I need a master code or be able to reset it. In the instructions it said the master code was 5678 but this doesn't work unsurprisingly. Is it wireless and wired? Is it any good? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Monitor hardware and ats faults was set to off already.......... If I disable push notifications I believe that's going to screw up my app. How can I silence these service faults? Shall just turn off the service tones on the keypad?
  9. Hi, Polling was set to 015, if that's what you meant, JamesWilson?? I'll check to see whether it's changed somehow later. I'm wondering whether it had anything to do with logging on remotely via the app? I didn't go off any more when I got home, and like I say didn't go off when I turned the router off (D-Link, given by TalkTalk a couple of years ago). Are firmware updates free? Can I do it through wifi via Wintex? I assume it won't wipe everything I've spent so long configuring?! How would I go about turning off push notifications? Sorry to keep asking questions. I assume this would mean I wouldn't be notified if the alarm went off? It never notified me of the Com1 fault, both times. Can I just make it not issue a system alert (or make the system alert silent??)? I do remember reading something about this, but the thought of reading those instructions again make we want to weep! all. Oh, one last question - with the app, when I go into arming, it doesn't list out the 3 part-arm options. It just says "house", which is the name of the area I use. I guess I could use the keypad, but just wondering if it should show them on here? Ta all.
  10. I'd love to know! I turned the router off for 10 mins but that didn't make it fail. All done via the keypad.
  11. Hi, Update - I can connect to the panel from my app remotely now, which is brilliant and many thanks! This morning I couldn't connect "locally" anymore via the app(!), but we'll see later tonight if that's resolved itself. However, my wife now tells me that the system has bleeped at points throughout the day. I've logged on and it's due to a "Com 1 fault" system alert. I figure that means it's dropping connection, correct? If so, would someone be so kind as to tell me how to turn this alert off? If it drops connection overnight, it's going to really annoy me. I assume it wouldn't bleep indefinitely? but still, it would be annoying. Many thanks (again!).
  12. Hold on just got a message on my phone!!!!!!! I am at home so will now go to work and see what happens... Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks very much! I have changed arc 1 protocol to sia level 2, changed config1 to send sia text, and config2 to use comport 1. It now says ip connecting and ip sending....then resetting then com300 is idle. Damn! I thought we had it then! Any ideas?? What should happen next? Should I get an email? I haven't put any mobile number in.
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