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  1. Yes I use the guard codes for outputs too. I think I know who you are now galaxyGuy...
  2. You got it. Got in the attic and power cycled ethernet card, app is working again. I had only done a restart from rkp before, I wrongly thought that would reset the card. Funny how the Selfmon app continued to work. Thanks Galaxy Guy. ☺ PS I do like the output switching and the group setting on the Honeywell app
  3. Hi yes tried new site.. Also tried rolling back app to older version but still had the same issue. Also tried another smartphone It appears to connect but then displays LOST CONNECTIVITY WITH PANEL.
  4. Hi, there was an email address for the developer for feedback, i emailed the issue a week ago but got no reply.
  5. Hi. I've had the GX Remote working on my Galaxy Dimension panel for several weeks now, all functions were working including group setting and output switching. Since last week the app cannot connect to the panel. I haven't changed any settings and my older app Selfmon VKP which uses the same port number is still working no problem so I don't think it's my panel or ether net card. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Dimension 48 version 6.92 Ethernet card version 3.02
  6. Thanks but how can i tell when a slave device is in write mode?
  7. Good point No the data out isnt taken from the ethernet module. I have two data lines connected directly to the control panel and i have the ethernet module plugged onto the 4 pins. Do you think this could cause the problem?
  8. All modules are at 100% in Diagnostics except Keypad 19 which is at 0%. I have seen the ethernet comm port 4 and the Keypad 15 both drop to 96% occasionally but the ethernet card is in the panel connected using the engineer lead that plugs on to the four pins
  9. negative only connected between panel and power rios.
  10. RIO 102 is on a branch with keypad 11. I will work on your other suggestions, although I'm quite sure the cable is not damaged, thanks.
  11. Thanks. Was just checking the log, during yesterdays occurrence all Mods with missing except power RIO 102. So I think the next thing i'll replace will be 102. the trouble is it could be a long time before it happens again. I'm hoping its not the panel its a version 6.80. At least its not a customers house but the missus is doubting my skills!
  12. One is 6 Meters and the second is 15 Meters. The screen of the Belden is only grounded at one end i.e. they are both grounded to control panel cabinet. BTW this has been happening over 2 years now and this has happened about 6 times in the 2 years. No other issues with system at all.
  13. Yes. Got 2 eol as two branches leave the panel with the termination in the panel removed. Thanks.
  14. Hi. I have a dimension 48 with 2 keypads, 2 power RIOs, one boxed RIO and an E080 ethernet card. The trouble is that every few months some or all of the modules go missing. When I check the log afterwords it shows the list of rios and keypads and comm modules as -missing followed immediately by +missing. It seems they only drop off for a second. I have already replaced the ethernet module and all of my comms cable is in belden with 0 volts commoned between panel and power RIOs. Looking for some advice from your experiences. Thank you.
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