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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for the info so far. Really useful stuff, especially regarding how many zones you are using. It seems to me that the best solution may be to have a few more on board zones to cut down the number of expander boards required. As I said before can't give much info, but I will definitely come back when it's done and will try (though I can't promise, because it's not up to me) to come back with some BETA units for testing when we have them at some far off point in the future. One more question - Any features which you might find useful, or ones you've seen so far that you use all the time? Target market - The new system will be aimed at the middle of the sector - so anything from small commercial up to relatively large systems for buildings with 100-200 people probably not too much at the very high end. We want the system to be targeted specifically at professionals rather than home users or DIY'ers. Tom
  2. Hi All, I wondering if you can help me? I don't want to offend or disrespect anyone so I'll be completely honest - I'm tasked with researching a new system for a mainstream manufacturer. We've not made a new system for a while and I'm looking to get some feedback before we kick off the design. I was hoping you guys could post your pet hates, favourite features, most often installed systems here for me? Also how many zones does the average system you fit have - at G2 or G3. Basically, I'm trying to get my superiors to listen to the "voice of the customer" before going off and designing something new because we think it's great, without checking what you think is great... Sorry I can't tell you more than that - however I do promise that in a year or so, when it's released, I'll come back and tell you what you contributed to... If this is not a good thing to ask then please just tell me and I'll leave you alone! Thanks in advance Tom Finchley
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