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  1. Powering the camera as the Poe port on the back of the NVR doesn't put out enough power?
  2. Any him ptz's I've fitted have needed additional power. The camera comes with either a PSU or Poe injector in the box. Grant Hik*
  3. Some more junk if you want it? The first 2 boxes are decoys. Dunno if you collect them? There is a keypad inside the gardtec panel - not sure if it works? The old Scanny apparently still works and was regularly maintained. Grant
  4. Yeah no probs, will get a price when I get a minute. Cheers
  5. Logan.... Ripped this out this morning. Is it of any interest to you? I can post when I get a chance if you cover postage. Grant
  6. Pyronix V2 GSM Pretty sure I have one I'd sell if you're interested. Grant
  7. I actually own a MK2 fiesta XR2 funnily enough. Have done for about 13 years. Has sat in the garage most of those
  8. Go to assign keypads and readers and check all other addresses apart from 0. I suspect one is programmed as a reader/keypad. Set them to unused. 0 should be a keypad. Come out of engineers mode and that should sort it hopefully. Grant
  9. hi thanks for the info . but when i first powered up the panel on mains the digi wifi was flashing blue then amber . as you know i had a problem with my additional keypad i powered it down cutting the power off to the control panel the battery was not connected . anyway when i put the power back on to the control panel there was no lights on the digi wifi modal . and looks like its not connected . how do i reconnect it ??? 



    mr holland 

    1. grantc


      Can you send a pic of how you have connected the Digi WiFi?

  10. Thanks James. In that case, press and hold D till it says enter security code. Put in 2000. Press no till you get to address and make it 1 Press A to save Keypad should be working.
  11. Your working keypad should be address 0. Got to assign keypads and readers and select keypad address 1. Make this a keypad. Then you have to access a hidden menu on the non working keypad and address it as 1 - Admin - ok to give out this info? That should get the 2nd keypad working. The panel has to be powered up on mains first to recognise the Digi WiFi so it shows in the menu.
  12. Does it come out of engineer mode? It should tell you the issue if it doesn't. Keypad will have went red as you created a keypad tamper. Won't go green again till it's out of engineer mode/keypad tamper resolved.
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