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  1. Why are you using 2 buttons to unset b? The unlock button should be setup for unset any
  2. 2 boards on them. Bell wired off the small PCB at bottom. Wire tamper across on of the onboard zones and program accordingly.
  3. grantc

    Pyronix Proximity tags

    Post a pic of the actual tag your using
  4. grantc

    Pyronix Proximity tags

    I'll ask the obvious, are you holding the tag up to the top right of the screen? When you add a user, it says enter code then you present tag. Is that what you are doing?
  5. grantc

    Pyronix Proximity tags

    The pic looks like the correct tags. Does it beep when you hold the tag up?
  6. grantc

    New guy asking for advice

    You can get the flush fit LCD keypad for the euro 46 which look quite nice and come in different colours. It's what I'll be fitting in my new home shortly.
  7. grantc

    New guy asking for advice

    I'd fit an enforcer 'all day, every day' if there wasn't any existing wiring I'd never get rid of wired for wireless if I had the option. The euro 46 would be my first option then the ion 40h. 1 way radio is disappointing on the ion but its the more aesthetically pleasing of the two panels imo. Grant
  8. grantc

    New guy asking for advice

    Use existing wiring for a hard wired system with all the other features surely? Hybrid system to give use of remote setting etc. I'd be fitting something like a pyronix euro 46 app or a Eaton ion 40h if it was me. Grant
  9. grantc

    Is it possible?

    Thanks for all the wisdom, definitely food for thought. Reasons for not wanting a big team of guys is Ihacr worked for a few co's, some big some small. Nobody seems to take on apprentices and train them properly hence the guys on offer are **** and inexperienced. I've seen guys taking the piss with times on jobs and stealing stock, basically bleeding the company dry. I don't want that happening to me. The guys who are good have all started up themselves, even some of the not so good. Im certain I could run the company I work for better that the owners, but it's getting the customers in the first place. I
  10. grantc

    Is it possible?

    That's just plain stupid doing it that cheap
  11. grantc

    Is it possible?

    A long time.... years, I'm aware of that. I know it won't be easy to get established but I'm not scared of a bit of graft. How have you all done it? Did you buy an existing company or start out from scratch? I'd target businesses I know locally to takeover their systems alongside installing new.
  12. grantc

    Is it possible?

    I'd be happy with a few hundred contracts to cover my costs and a half decent wage. Call shift would be a bit of a bummer but easier than where I am now if systems serviced properly. Most of our calls are due to **** servicing or customer not properly trained on resetting their system.
  13. grantc

    Is it possible?

    I'm 33, been in the trade 11 years. All my experience has been out in the field installing, commissioning and maintaining. It's not something I'd be jumping into tomorrow, I'd do plenty research on the admin side before going ahead. Where I stay there isn't a local security company, there are companies from surrounding areas that take care of things. Why do you say it would be boring? I'd take on an apprentice/labourer if needed and could afford to but have no desire for a large company with a team of employees - I've seen what goes on lol.
  14. grantc

    Is it possible?

    I'd be doing CCTV, intruder, fire and door access. Why isn't it possible? Do you run you own company? I'd start out with my van/tools all paid for and wife's wage would be able to get us by untill I built the company up a bit.
  15. Hi folks. It has always been in the back of my mind to eventually start up on my own. My question is, is it possible to remain a small one man business in this line of work and get enough maintenance contracts to have a comfortable income and keep it that way? Or am I dreaming? Are any of you running a one man business? Grant

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