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  1. grantc

    Wireless recommendations

    Can add a hardwired or wireless keypad to an enforcer, and wired expanders to make a hybrid system. As above I always fit a wired bell and keypad then wireless detection if cabling isn't possible.
  2. grantc

    Morley ZX1SE issues

    Tried linking the loop out completely to see if it sits fault/fire free? That would rule out the loop card. Grant
  3. grantc

    Any Scan ion 16 experts...

    Never had a fault like you mention. I'd default and reprogram, takes 15 minutes. Grant
  4. grantc

    Pyronix Enforcer comms issue

    I've never seen that message if a digi fails to dial out or a line isn't present on an enforcer so I'm guessing it is nothing to do with the arc/Comms side of things.
  5. grantc

    Pyronix Enforcer comms issue

    How many h/w pirs fitted? As above sounds line to much being driven off the panel. Has all detection been successfully walk tested? Voltages at detectors?
  6. grantc

    Which Wireless Kit?

    Enforcer all day every day for me. I always wire the bell and keypad if possible too. Wireless is good for detection if cabling isn't possible but for anything like bells/keypads I would always wire. App has been flawless for me, have one fitted in my own house. Fitted plenty ion 40h's and the app has been pretty unreliable. Having to wait a few minutes after your system is set for your detection to respond is laughable also if you ask me. I prefer the look of the Eaton kit but the pyronix stuff just works, function over form for me! Grant
  7. grantc

    Risky fitters

    As above looks ****.
  8. grantc

    Pyronix UR2-WE

    I suppose it kind of appeals to customers on a budget to give their old system some flexibility.... Probably not the target audience for a business as such.
  9. grantc

    Pyronix UR2-WE

    Has anyone used one of these? Looks like quite a good product but haven't used one yet. Any opinions? Grant
  10. Just buy the panel and swap it over if your confident you can program it then. Wouldn't mess around swapping over PCBs ect. (May have different rated PSU - PCB is definitely a different layout) Justswap the complete end station over - it has the same footprint as the ion 16 so will be a doddle.
  11. Worked on plenty Ion's, unsure if you could upload the ion16 programming to the 40h as I've never done it before. The panel can be programmed in approx 10 minutes from the keypad (by someone who knows the panels) anyway so wouldn't go down that route. As above seems a good price so I'd pay that rather than trying to DIY.
  12. grantc


    Sounds like a visonic powemax? Not heard of hot or cold alerts..... What are the zones programmed as?
  13. grantc

    LCD display blank

    Is the panel back up battery healthy? When was it last changed? Probably when the power outage happened, there wasn't enough in the panel battery to run the system. The outside bell would then ring when voltage was temp removed from it (provided the bell battery is ok). I'd be checking panel battery and aux voltages and take it from there.
  14. grantc


    How have you found the Traffic Peter? Heard horror stories of gearbox issues on nearly new vans, perhaps they've sorted them out?
  15. grantc

    CSL Miniair

    Fitted one of these the other day, seem like quite good little units! Grant

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