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  1. eurobell doesn't have an SAB, don't know why, just connected the tamper switch to a chocker block and then back to the panel
  2. yeah, i'll get a euro46 with a wireless expander.
  3. Hello, i need some recommendations for a hybrid alarm system, everything will be wireless except the bell box which will be wired. i'm thinking about the euro 46 thanks
  4. i have the same issue with a logic 4, entry time never ends.
  5. i know that they havn't been made for a little while, i collect bell boxes from the 80s/90s and i try and make them complete by putting strobes etc. on
  6. i need a bell like this, i'm recreating a bell box from the 80s
  7. Latest find, new in box. Don’t really know much about them
  8. well, it's not going to be protecting anything, i collect old bell boxes and this is going inside a vented bell box.
  9. i have traced it a bit. things like tamper and trigger are a bit harder to find
  10. i need help with connections. there is no label saying what terminal does what. i would be greatful if anyone can help
  11. i had a chat with the owners yesterday, he said there are even pressure mats at the bottom of each window! apparently the system was installed in 1990, the company that originally fitted it is now long gone. it hasnt been used for about 10 years, they stopped using it because it always falsed etc. all the doors in the house have recessed contacts, quite a lot of the doors have been swapped etc. and contacts havnt been put back again. quite a few wires stick out in various places so occasionally it goes off when hoovering etc. it hasn't had any maintenance since the day it
  12. has anyone come across one of these? who made these boxes?
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