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  1. All I know is they made me fill in some paper work for key holders and for Merseyside Police and a contract then they are coming to replace the front outside box and he mentioned something about upping with the monitoring station.
  2. Well the guy from the alarm company came. Apparently you have enter a code and use the key also to disarm the safe from the system when I need access. He said they are going to re-enable the redcare stu thing which he says uses the phone line and mobile network and also the outside box failed its test so they are going to replace that tomorrow they are sorting the paperwork end out first. Just a quick question he said the redcare uses the existing BT line do I have to pay line rental for the phone line even though we use Virgin Media? Cheers
  3. No idea what that is but guys hopeful have it sorted by tomorrow with a little luck
  4. Is the white thing on the door of the safe apart of the alarm it just says Honey well? Cheers for all your help guys hopefully someone will come out and sort it out tomorrow then we can make sure the keys are locked away aswell
  5. I'm going to contact the original installer as I want to keep the monitoring which I think is something called redcare as there is a little telephone thing that says BT Redcare. I just don't understand why it keeps going off when I open the safe doors when the rest of the alarm in the building is off. It's confusing!
  6. It was already installed when we took over the building we have all the keys to the safes and the alarm unit above the gun safe and we also have some key fobs for the keypads by the front door and office and landing.
  7. No it. Doesn't make any noisy which ever way I turn the key the alarm still goes off. The only noise it makes is if you press any of the numbers!!!
  8. I've found the key and turned it on the box above the gun safe but when I open the gun safe door it still goes off and when we silence it at the keypad in the office it displays Gun Safe Door. Surely there must be a way around it I need to store the guns in the safe
  9. Hi. We have recently taken over a Manor home and in one of the rooms is where the guns are stored. However every time we open the gun safe to get it fitted out for our equipment the alarm keeps going off even though we though the alarm is not set it's becoming a pain now!!! Could anyone please advise me what I am doing wrong? I will try and insert some pictures.
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