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  1. OK is there a place for more installer questions of this nature?
  2. Im a retired security systems engineer, decided not to get involved in alarm problems on our estate, but my neighbour had an engineer out from a security network to repair his alarm system after an alarm when not set. The engineer said that the battery needed replacing and did so. My neighbours had no codes, the engineer said that the engineer code was locked so the only way to get a user code was to ##REMOVED## which returned the master code and engineer code to default. The engineer code was locked by the previous company or a power cut?? he said So that's how it was left. Im not vey familiar with this panel, installed one years ago but have only tested them in my time . My questions are:- 1. If removing ##REMOVED## returns master code to default, does this mean the engineer code is not locked? 2. What can you do with ##REMOVED## removed, ie can you change the master code or engineer code or do any programming? 3. Neighbour not very happy about this so I will go to see what can be done, will put link back, downpower system and during power up ##REMOVED## to default master code and eng code. Then we will see if the eng code is locked. Does anybody have any other ideas please?
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    Retired security systems engineer including automatic gate systems. New to this site.
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