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  1. Good afternoon guys Help please. Ive added a Bosch Commercial ISC-CDL1-WA15G to zone 11 (extension board) on or Texecom Elite 24 panel. However showing tamper fault. Ive check continuity of wires to and from panel to pir all ok. Ive used resistors for eol instead of built in pins. What am i doing wrong?
  2. Thanks all for your help. I’m still not sure the definitive method of wiring this zone from a keypad. But it will keep me busy. Cheers Al
  3. No matter what i do with the resistors it always shows on the keypad display greater then 65k ? What is the correct way to wire from the keypad zone, it has 2 A and 2T terminals? I’m thinking its probably the programming I’m missing ?
  4. Hi James. I originally had 2 wires from keypad zone 1 Alarm terminals. I did not have the tampers connected ! I have now connected as per photo but get the display Active but red sign on wintex.. See images.
  5. Afternoon Help please. Texecom Premier Elite 24 new installation which I’m setting up some of the zones to help understand its operation. I will be adding another 8 zones later. All zones are EOL and one per zone. However I’ve got an issue with front door contact which is a CQR SC570 (SEE IMAGE) (one on back door as well). It’s differs in that I’ve wired it to the keypad next to the door and connected to the Zone 1 at the back of keypad. This I’ve mapped to zone 17. I do have a 8 zone expander connected to the panel motherboard although nothing wired into it as yet. This zone 17 now shows a tamper alarm (see image). Ive isolated the switch and confirmed its resistances are 2.2k closed and 7k open (same as its twin on back door zone 1) I know there’s also a tamper error on zone 5 which is a viper shock, but I’ve not looked at this yet. I suspect its to do with the keypad configuration which I’m missing something. Any ideas please?
  6. Thanks JW & 6WB Ok so If i connect a wire into the SET and ignore the FTA. Where would i connect the SET lead into the panel?
  7. Good morning all Advise please. Wiring a Viper GLX shock sensor 8 wire to a Texecom Premier Elite 24. I am using EOL wiring in the zones. I assume I wire in the 4K7 & 2k2 resistors as I have on PIR’s. However Terminal 7 the set input to remotely control the LED and terminal 8 first to alarm. How should I wire these and were do I connect on the panel? There is also a resistor that comes with the Viper, what about this? Thank you
  8. Hi 6WD. Just think Texecom look better. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi Guys Any suggestion on best Texecom smoke detector for 1, Kitchen diner 8m x 4m and 2, double garage? Cheers Al
  10. And do we still use sound bombs or whatever new name might be. Thinking about one in garage which leads to house.
  11. Hey Al-Yeti. Using Texecom premier Elite 24
  12. Thanks ... Was it Basil Fawlty who said “and for the English speaking amongst us..”. LOL Meant in best but seriously what does that mean to the other 99.99 percent of us. And can you recommend a product? Cheers Al
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