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  1. mark auto

    Texecom Cloud

    Partly the issue - plenty of work but its more bits and bats of additions rather than full installs. We also use CASH software so anything we do remotely on the portal would need to be cross referenced - so I think any savings on engineer time would be lost again in admin time.
  2. mark auto

    Texecom Cloud

    In what ways do you consider it pays for itself? We looked at it the other day and for us its probably not worth the investment right now, are we missing something?
  3. mark auto

    Wifi CCTV system for domestic

    Gutter/downpipe idea may be do-able, havent been to the house for a while so would have to see if its feasible or not, good idea though
  4. Need to install cctv on a new build domestic, chipboard floors etc so lifting the floor isnt happening, and the external walls are insulated with board type insulation i believe also, so fishing up cavities would be very difficult. Added to this, we want to keep the cameras at a reasonable level, ie not just slapped on soffits, this house is on a slope so it appears to be 2 storeys from the front, but its actually 3 storeys when viewed from the rear. I toyed with one of the hik dome cameras that had built in wifi, but it seemed very unstable even sitting on my desk, it would work for a few hours through hik connect (which i think is awful BTW), then it would drop off, never to return until i defaulted the camera and started again, putting it back on our wifi network etc. I have thought about using IP cameras with POE injectors/PoE switches, network bridges etc, ie drill through a wall near a socket, camera outside, PoE inside, wireless link internally to the router, or use TP links or similar, but it all seems a bit messy. Is there an easy way of achieving this that im missing?
  5. mark auto

    Customers - This is my PIN Everybody!

    I think people generally just dont think things through logically. The problem of "people might forget the code" is solved in the simplest way possible with no consideration of the negatives
  6. mark auto

    Customers - This is my PIN Everybody!

    Makes a change from the code being written on the keypad in permanent marker.......
  7. mark auto

    Pyronix Enforcer

    CIE equipment should not be visible from outside the premises anyway CIE equipment should not be visible from outside the premises anyway
  8. mark auto

    Texecom Premier Elite 24 Questions

    looking at your screenshots i would do the following: *uncheck "entry exit 2" on your hallway *turn off auto part arm on areas A and B *turn on "part arm silent" for area A *change your area arm type from timed to entry/exit when arming, enter code (or fob without auto yes), press part, press yes. See how you go with that
  9. mark auto

    Small Bridal Shop Alarm and CCTV DIY Options?

    wireless is ok but if your doing renovations i would say cable the alarm. texecom premier panels can send texts down a phone line via a com 2400 module, or you can use a com ip or com wifi unit linked to your broadband router to send notifications through an app
  10. mark auto

    UK referendum and EU Norms

    my mistake, we monitor mains fail as standard really so i often forget thats a condition of reducing the standby time Are you Nigel Farage?
  11. mark auto

    UK referendum and EU Norms

    PD6662 states the same 12hours for grade 1 and 2, but reduces grade 3 and 4 to 24hrs (from 60 in 50131), like i said i was always told the EN requirements were to cover countries with unreliable power grids, ours doesnt need so long personally i dont think 8 hours is long enough, 12 is much better
  12. mark auto

    UK referendum and EU Norms

    Some EU countries have much less reliable power grids than our own, so i think they're just covering worst case scenario
  13. mark auto

    End Of Id

    Is this ALL ID biscuits are no longer being made? ID+ included?
  14. open the main control panel, silence the alarm, locate the 12volt aux supply to the detectors (red and black wires), disconnect those, replace the pir, the reconnect them, close up the panel and reset the system. should be good to go! and yes, its a bit overkill, but for £0 i dont think you can complain
  15. red v+ black v- yellow/green - T1 & T2 blue/white - C & NC take all the jumper pins off the fault, tamper and alarm pins too

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