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Found 7 results

  1. On a recent project our Engineers were pulled up for a few issues regarding their cabling: 1. With cable laid in underfloor voids, they didn't use the data matts that were provided 2. They didn't clip their cables to the slab 3. They ran cabling over ductwork, not underneath it. To be fair, it was work done by our 1st fix sub-contractors, rather than our Engineers. However it is actually up to our Team to show the subbies the standards and check that everyone installs to this standard. We are going to put a 1st fix guide togeth
  2. Hey all, just in the process of rejigging the alarm, and it's been a while since I've tinkered with the wired stuff... I want to switch a single PIR for a Shock on my G2-20... Forgetting the 'quality' of the wiring, how would this transplant over to the Viper? And resister location?? Thanks in advance!
  3. Just wanting to check my wiring understanding for the Galaxy Flex 50 with the AG8 Sounder as the manual for both the panel and the sounder is a little confusing. The Flex PCB has the following output connections: 1 2 3 T 0V Based on the manual for the sounder I believe I need to connect: TR- (neg tamper return) to T V- (negative supply) to 0V ST- (neg. strobe trigger) to [OP]2 which I believe is default programmed as STROBE S- (neg. sounder trigger) to [OP]1 which I believe is default programmed as BELLS V+ (positive) I am assu
  4. Hi there, The previous owners of our house had two dome cameras installed (one at the front and one at the rear) and just left the cables dangling in the loft. I've attached some pics but from what I can tell they are 2 x siamese cables, each having a single video + live + neutral. The live + neutral cables are crimped together so I'm left with the following: - 2 x video connectors - 1 x live wire - 1 x neutral wire I've no idea how to reconnect these other than to assume I need some sort of DVR box for the video connectors but have no
  5. Hi Guys, I currently have a 6 year old, wired, Nexus 8 intruder alarm. The PIR in our kitchen was damaged by painters the other day so I am going to have to replace it. My wife's friend works for an intruder alarm company and gave her a Honeywell DT7550UK2 Dual Tec sensor. Was just wondering how I should wire it in? I have attached a photo of the current sensor PCB and the new dual-tech one. All help appreciate guys. Best Wishes, Matthew Attached is a photo of the new sensor!
  6. Hello all, I had to replace the battery on my Optima XM. Seems fine powered up, NVRAM retained the code and I have a 'day' LED on. However, to disconnect the mains I disconnected the 2 blue transformer wires from the mains terminal. Pic here: note 2 blue wires on left unconnected. Unfortunately the pic I took before disconnection is corrupt! I'm not sure which blue wire is +ve or -ve, or if it matters. Can anyone help? Thanks for your time, IA
  7. Hi There - I was looking for the contact for Dale who has offered a wiring diagram on the Rokonet PIR - I see he has already assisted some one with the wiring. The PIR has the following: 2 x alarm inputs, 2 x tamper inputs and a negative and positive input. The brochure does not at all state how this must be wired. It also has an input for a jumper near the leds. Please assist. Much appreciated. Jeeva *edit jpw
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