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  1. jimludwig

    Texecom Veritas R8 Replacement Pcb

    Well, yes it looks like I did. I meant no harm, but ignorance of the law is no excuse. Really sorry. I just now found the rules and realize the mistake. Regardless, I want all of you to be able to find me, so now you can. Interesting to see that apparently James has no problem promoting other brands, which is also against the rules. That seems to be okay.
  2. jimludwig

    Texecom Veritas R8 Replacement Pcb

    Hi Chris, I will absolutely look into this. What further information can you provide? Do you have serial numbers from the panels, have they been returned (and to whom) and if you still have them, could we get them please? As much info as possible is useful. I hadn't seen the previous posts/thread. My email address is (removed). If you (or anyone) isn't getting the service or products that you expect (I don't care how many you buy), please let me know. Forums can be useful, but probably not as effective as talking directly to us when there is a problem. -Jim
  3. jimludwig

    Texecom Veritas R8 Replacement Pcb

    True. But we all have different priorities, and I get to what I can. And, he's more capable, too! But the last one's a cheap shot, Matthew!!
  4. jimludwig

    Texecom Veritas R8 Replacement Pcb

    Occasionally I dip into these to see what the chatter is. I don't normally post things. Almost sorry I looked at this thread, given the pages of less-than-productive banter to a simple question! Matt5595 - in answer to your original question, yes the Veritas PCB has changed (several years ago), but you can feel free to swap out the old one, since the board mounting and terminal layouts were unchanged. The PCB now includes auto-resetting PTCs instead of glass fuses. No this wasn't a standards-related change (as someone alluded to), it was to make life easier for customers. James' point below about it being potential easier to replace the entire thing, ousting and all, is valid. His comment about replacing it with another brand, however, is suspect... As is your later praise of that "equipment" that Honeywell sells! ;-)

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