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  1. Thanks again, Mark! Al-yeti: it's being located in a corner of the kitchen (the only corner available in the kitchen) - we have a lot of windows though! Yeah - it came with instructions?
  2. Thanks, Mark - that new one is probably to 'high tech' for a domestic. Wouldn't you agree? Ah, well...it was free. Any tips on how to prevent the alarm going off outside/electrocuting myself? Thanks!
  3. Hi Guys, I currently have a 6 year old, wired, Nexus 8 intruder alarm. The PIR in our kitchen was damaged by painters the other day so I am going to have to replace it. My wife's friend works for an intruder alarm company and gave her a Honeywell DT7550UK2 Dual Tec sensor. Was just wondering how I should wire it in? I have attached a photo of the current sensor PCB and the new dual-tech one. All help appreciate guys. Best Wishes, Matthew Attached is a photo of the new sensor!
  4. Hi Mr Happy! Yeah i would like the strobe to follow the extension speaker? What are the other options?
  5. We have a Nexus 8 Alarm Panel installed...however my mum (who is 76) comes and checks on the house when we are on holiday...and she has been staying with us recently. She has problems hearing etc...so the alarm would often time out and thus activate all outputs. In a bit to prevent this i am hoping to install an extension speaker and a 12v low profile Xenon strobe to help her along (currently there is just an internal bell in the panel which isn’t very loud). The speak will be pretty easy to install i assume...but how do you wire in the strobe? Any tips? guys!
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