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  1. It likely won't make much difference if your not going to check the charging rate and voltages, stick it in an hope it lasts.
  2. The L model Yuasa's have larger faston connectors, this is to allow larger discharge currents for other applications that alarm kit wouldn't get near. If the panel is capable of charging this battery then a larger capacity battery would be fine. This should be checked before replacement anyway as part of a service. You could replace the faston connectors for larger ones and use the battery in that case, but the simplest option is like for like.
  3. It just means if someone runs up the stairs and flicks the switch you have no alarm, you wouldn't design anything like that, certainly not now. If your struggling the understand the manual it's not really feasible to guide you button for button on fixing your programming, we don't know what's connected to what. Your probably best to have the system serviced, new battery and ask the engineer to fix the programming when they come.
  4. The first question is how have these settings broken. If the panel hasn't been serviced and battery failed and/or the panel has lost this memory on it own then it would be best to find an engineer to further investigate this. If you have been messing in the menus then it would hopefully be as simple as finding what you changed. Switch on the landing sounds like an odd old school setup, I imagine there should be a zone programmed as keyswitch.
  5. A basic one is just alarm and reset signals sent back to an LED multi-zone indicator panel with labels and buzzer?
  6. Sounds like a nurse call system but with wireless contacts instead, maybe a path you can look at.
  7. Seems like it's down to what they want this "monitor" to do? Alarm, chime, status information, push notifications what's the goal? Most stuff should have zone mimic if you need to interface zone status to something.
  8. HDMI devices need to support HDCP so it's unlikely to find something to support that. You may find some non security products that would work but really you would need a DVR/NVR or consider analogue options for CCTV.
  9. You say the garage door opens with the chime, so the chime could be on a (zone) i.e. door contact or something in the garage being triggered for example. Service Tones is any alerts or system chimes not related to arming the system, so Mains Fail as an example, anything issue that wouldn't alarm but just show a "System Alert". Part of the benefit of backup and default would be the panel gets a fresh start, if something has been corrupted in memory somehow and caused an effect that isn't an option you'll never find it. Would only expect that type of thing to have happened if you have changed firmware though and the profile wasn't updated, then forced the profile to the panel. Which doesn't seem the case, I am thinking some combination of settings. It's sounds like you have a lot of custom settings that are used rarely for most, without hearing this chime tone and looking through all these settings and attributes with a fine tooth comb I can't think of anything.
  10. Zones rather than outputs on Chime? Custom Outputs are all software inputs that you then "map" to a physical hardware output. I can't think of anything else related to the menus you mention that would have a chime option. If you can't find it, backup the panel profile, default and reprogram with a new profile. If you come upon it again you can start to track back from what you did.
  11. Sterling 10 job there the Ultimate Symphony of panels
  12. We get people asking allsorts of wacky things here, some are DIYers some are not. If you are getting an installer in then kit manufacturer selection will be down to them, they should have staff trained on products they fit to provide the best support. Wired will always be better IMO but I see no issue in hybrid for your purpose, radio kit will need battery replacements and could in theory be jammed. Top end kit should detect this. There is a gap but I consider it important to be partitioned away personally, security is all about layers and one software exploit that could get past every layer is not smart. It's a topic the industry as a whole is still trying to provide a solution with lots of opinions. Consumers want functionality but manufacturers, installers and insurers would have concerns with liability if a system failed to operate. Usually getting quotes from 3 places is recommended. Generally you wouldn't choose solely on price but during this you will find a company you feel the most comfortable with providing your requirements.
  13. More used to the keypad over Wintex so not sure where you have done this. It won't be related to the Custom Output but most likely Control Timers as they can have a Chime option. On the keypad it's shown as a star in the Control Timer menu toggled with the Chime button.
  14. Are you planning to do this yourself? It makes most of your list irrelevant if so. Your limiting your options if you want a system with an app that isn't fitted by an installation company. You wouldn't integrate alarms and cameras like that, any system that false alarms is obviously pointless and probably fitted incorrectly. Sounds like you think you know what you want but haven't considered how it "should" be done.
  15. Run the cable drill through later. Loft's are bad places for control boxes, wild temperature changes and access issues.
  16. Well in that case it's your system. Who has the engineer code is irrelevant to this. I'd say sounds cheap in that case but will also depend on area.
  17. Weird setup to have a call out charge for the service if your on maintenance? I would want to fit my own batteries (as an installer) that way I can use a brand that is supported by the manufacturer and offer some warranty on my work. Generally maintenance would be an annual inspection, and batteries are covered (checked or replaced) as part of that. Different batteries for different parts of the system would last a different amount of time. I replace most annually, but the average would be 2 years for radio devices; installer should keep track of all this as necessary.
  18. If he is responsible for maintenance then you leave it up to him to replace anything, including the batteries. Monitoring condition of the batteries and replacing with the correct type as necessary would be part of the service/preventive maintenance. Users shouldn't have access to engineers functions as part of the standards.
  19. Who is responsible for maintaining your system? There is a option to allow only the Master user tino the battery replacement mode but it's engineers configurable and default as off.
  20. We do not provide defaulting or installation manuals here as per our guidelines. However, I am sure your favourite search engine of choice will provide.
  21. You have two options if your doing yourself... try it and hope or no system. The installer should know how to deal with a lost engineers code, which may involve reprogramming the system. You should leave it up to them if you are under support obviously.
  22. What does it say on your contract of employment, WTR can be wavered in there to avoid issues for the company.
  23. Under the second plant pot on the right WFM
  24. Depends what you mean as a "closed system". Remote monitoring to an ARC is more secure than a stand alone bells only system. Either way this topic is more about the distribution of firmware, I pretty much covered my opinion in the quote.
  25. Down power the panel you'll get the bell ringing outside, that'll help find an intermittent beep...
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