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  1. RIO NOT communicating "missing rio0103"

    two 680 resistors ? panel does not need one unless you have removed the onboard jumper
  2. Relay

    Nice firm to deal with, if you need any special brackets. Dont think they need to bother with the website the amount of mag locks they sell.
  3. Relay

    ADI, Mag solutions http://www.magnetic-solutions.co.uk/ shear lock interface
  4. Milestone VMS

    Your not, we have a college running Avigilon and they have Axis and mobotix cameras on some of the other buildings
  5. Multimeter calibration

    Office held meter which you check issued meters against yearly only needs to be done every 2yrs, that's what the NSI say
  6. Multimeter calibration

    Master (office held) meter only needs to be calibrated every two years, save yourself some money.
  7. Keypads and manuals

    Sounds like it, and they can be engineer locked.
  8. Microsoft Office PRO 365

    It does on the cost to run / update it But i still need a server for our UDL stuff and our database which i dont fancy putting in cloud
  9. Microsoft Office PRO 365

    Looking in to changing our server and updating our version of office, anybody use office 365 and exchange hosted. Any bad points
  10. Galaxy 48 zone omits when setting

    Had it where a RIO had been damaged and the system had Call Alarm Co on the keypad but would still set with RIo missing and override the remote reset, Galaxy tech came to site as they didn't believe it. Firmware updated all fine.
  11. Galaxy 48 zone omits when setting

    Version 5.20 G3-48 did do forced omits on open or faults without any confirmation, took a while for honeywell to believe us
  12. Galaxy G3 Panels RS485 over Ethernet

    Linked remote Power RIOs with fiber and convertors as per Honeywells instructions
  13. Galaxy 48 zone omits when setting

    Any groups enabled or is the offending zone on soak
  14. Galaxy flex panel

    needs a jumper on J19 as term 8 is current set to not used Needs minimum a 6 core but wiring in cat 5
  15. Hello from sunny Manchester

    Went bump and started again using same name slightly Loads have do it around here.