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  1. Galaxy 96 engineer code

    RS232 + rss
  2. Galaxy 96 engineer code

    Possible with a laptop
  3. Galaxy Smart PSU P015 - RIO configuration

    set the rotary address, come out of engineers it will show a mod missing delete it then it will show a mod added and continue out of of engineers to day state
  4. Can anyone identify this?

    Take the keypad off and wire on on short lead next to the panel or meter the cables out Its getting parts to swap over that you will find very hard unless there are some on ebay
  5. Can anyone identify this?

    Also only 4 circuits in use unless there is an expander CD95 still on of my fav panels, only issue was programming outputs they wouldn't change until you come out of engineers
  6. Can anyone identify this?

    Defaulting it wont clear the data fault
  7. Can anyone identify this?

    Nd-No Panel Data - The control panel is receiving no more data from the panel Reboot it
  8. Can anyone identify this?

    Check the cabling between the panel and keypad 47.48,49,50
  9. PSTN retirement - BSIA event

    Was thinking that..... From what i have read BT are going to stop using central battery systems and the power and dialtone will have to instigated at the premises. Way for digis or anything that dials would be to convert to SIP with a ATA using dial capture over a VOIP account
  10. Galaxy 500 firmware upgrade (2017)

    Which prom is it, does it start with 27 or 28
  11. Scantronic 9800+ exit button problems

    Button broke its probably been passed 1000s of times, try shorting the wires on the button together to see if it chimes.
  12. Changing H&S Regulations

    Ask the ECS to book you on the City & guilds NVQ level 3 (the one they require) They won't be able to as it does not exist, currently having a argument with them, spoke to the exam bodies we have training certificates from and also Tavcom, and they are all saying that ECS cant ask for a NVQ level 3 as it hasnt existed for 5 years or more. ECS told us just to apply for the white card for security systems, pass the Health & safety exam and get a letter from our employer stating we can do the job and that's it, and will be upgraded to gold when they get their mess sorted out. BTW ECS card has the CSCS logo on it and is deemed the same.
  13. Changing H&S Regulations

    He is right we are having to do the same thing get an ECS card as our white CSCS are about to expire and no longer cover our trade
  14. ip network scanning tools

    Fing will only work if your on the same network, good app to have. Wireshark is probably what your after
  15. Shorrock 170 bell box

    The bell box above is the one i am on about, never seen a metal one.