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  1. Nova-Security

    Help with registration

    1) A lot of reading 2) To what grade ? 3) None 4) A load of old men trying to justify a salary 5) Whats it doing ? not ring, or tamper faults or SAB battery needs replacing 6) when its to long 7) Binning Swann and yale kits as you need a waste carriers licence 8) Rotate the VHS tapes in the tape despensor 9) Never 10) See answer to 7
  2. Nova-Security

    Cash rooms

    If your putting a maglock on the door to prevent opening when set, how you going to get in if you put the keypad in the room as you mention above. The ones we have done were a separate area or separate system with access control on the door and monitored locks if it was an area on a bigger system so it had to be armed and locked before the main system would set.
  3. Nova-Security

    URN Enquiry

    Depends how you read the post HV on a galaxy or HV on SIA Dont know if i like the way confirmed HU works on a galaxy yet
  4. Nova-Security

    URN Enquiry

    HV is voltage getting on to alarm pair
  5. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Keypads

    Thats how its suppose to be done for Grade 3
  6. Nova-Security

    URN Enquiry

    HV is normally voltage on circuit pair.
  7. Nova-Security

    Texecom helpline

    ARC gave you wrong account No, had that before
  8. Nova-Security

    Galaxy 96 engineer code

    RS232 + rss
  9. Nova-Security

    Galaxy 96 engineer code

    Possible with a laptop
  10. Nova-Security

    Galaxy Smart PSU P015 - RIO configuration

    set the rotary address, come out of engineers it will show a mod missing delete it then it will show a mod added and continue out of of engineers to day state
  11. Nova-Security

    Can anyone identify this?

    Take the keypad off and wire on on short lead next to the panel or meter the cables out Its getting parts to swap over that you will find very hard unless there are some on ebay
  12. Nova-Security

    Can anyone identify this?

    Also only 4 circuits in use unless there is an expander CD95 still on of my fav panels, only issue was programming outputs they wouldn't change until you come out of engineers
  13. Nova-Security

    Can anyone identify this?

    Defaulting it wont clear the data fault
  14. Nova-Security

    Can anyone identify this?

    Nd-No Panel Data - The control panel is receiving no more data from the panel Reboot it
  15. Nova-Security

    Can anyone identify this?

    Check the cabling between the panel and keypad 47.48,49,50

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