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  1. Thanks for the help lads. Replaced battery and everything back to normal. For anyone else that comes across this, it is fairly simple to replace the battery. Get up to the siren Lift up the little plastic flap covering the screw If battery still has some juice, it will trip the tamper, else nothing will sound You can lift the PCB up and out of the housing fairly easy if want to replace on the ground (good design Pyrnoix!) Replace the battery in the white plastic housing No learning procedure required Slide the PCB housing back into the main siren housing Note, the tamper may trip (it is the little contact relay at the front). Hold it down if bothered by the noise Lower flap, put screw back on Set alarm, trip and test siren sounds
  2. haha indeed. ok i'll give it a go this weekend once i confirm the battery type. obviously very subjective but how much should a annual maintenance contract cost for such a system? once i look for a company, i want to ensure it isn't unreasonable in price! i was quoted by one company £15 per month and 2 or 3 year minimum term. I'd hope for that price it covers cost of replacement parts.
  3. It is wireless. By flashing lights, I mean the led lights that are on the deltabox when the system is armed. I think those are deltabell-x and deltabell plus. Mine is the standard deltabell-we I believe. According to their page anyways here. So the main panel started warning "Siren 1 wireless low battery" a few days ago. I guess the cold weather probably caused the battery (I believe fitted 2-3 years ago). Maybe I should change the battery first. @al-yeti, I assume this is straightforward to do? Do I need to disable tamper alarm first or put the main panel in engineers mode to stop it from tripping the siren? Then swap the battery and replace cover? Thanks for replies
  4. Yes, just reading tamper issues common. Although the deltabell appears to be firmly fixed so not sure how the tamper could be triggering. I reviewed the logs and didn't see any alerts for tamper, false alarms, triggers. If communication is fine between the two devices, is it possible for the siren to be going off without it recording in the panel? Is it fairly easy to replace the battery? Could I replace without setting off the tamper (enter engineers menu?) and no special pairing required if I swap out battery? The box does not have flashing lights so I assume it is a deltabell-we and needs this type of battery but I'd need to get up there and lift cover. Thanks
  5. Thanks for confirming. The unit was installed previously when I bought the property and have not taken much notice of it so need to look for a company. Would low battery cause it to alarm sporadically? I noticed this alert recently but wasn't sure if it would just stop working (fine with me for now) or I'd have issues as battery drained?
  6. Hi, I have a Pyronix Enforcer v10 which is possibly playing up and while I look for a company to maintain it, I would like to turn off the external bell box/siren (wireless) to stop it sounding. Is this possible and how could I achieve this from the panel? I have access to the panel + engineer's menu. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply. I assume that means it is not available to home owners/diy types?
  8. Hi All, I have a Pyronix Enforcer v10 wireless panel, installed by previous owners The warranty is about to expire and I would like to make a back up of all settings in case I need to fix any issues myself. I have engineer access. Does anyone have a download link to InSite software to remotely administer the system? Thanks
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