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  1. Hello everyone. Long time since I have been in here but could one of you fine fellows answer a question about a Pyromix Euro 46. Can the panel be 4 wire and say the expanders be EOL. Would get me out of a big hole if it could. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, haven't been on here in a while but just want to ask a quick question about the expanders on a Pyronix euro. When installing wireless expanders do you have to keep all 3 addresses free for that expander or can you use one of the addresses for a wired expander. I thought you had to keep the addresses free. We have just taken over a system with 3 wireless expander and 1 wired one. The wireless ones are addresses 0-8 but 8 isn't used. The wired expander is addressed as 8. We are getting problems with expander dropping off intermittently. Could this be the problem. Thanks.
  3. I am one but never used one of these feckin things before. How would it be done. Agree.
  4. Hello everyone, does anyone know these panels. Can I default engineer code on these panels or does the whole panel have to be defaulted. Cheers.
  5. Hi folks. Quick question. ATS 2003 panel, keypad 1 & 3 set up to set/unset areas1 & 3 only and has no menu access for engineer or user. Key pad 2 is the main keypad and allows access to menus for user and engineer. However some clever fellow has accidentally unpolled keypad 2, therefore not allowing access to menus for the system. The system can be dialled into by security company (we have just been asked to do a bit of work for them). Because when I was on site and had no access to menus etc I phoned them to see if they would poll the keypad remotely but they said they couldn't. Does anyone know if this is correct and if it is does anyone have any ideas on how I could get keypad 2 polled again. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Only 1 keypad. Thought that would have to be done. .
  7. Hello guys. Trying to get into engineer mode on CD 95 but it just says engineer here. Why? And how do I get round this. .
  8. How do I set the max reader to both groups. It only lets me pick 1 group. Whats the modifier?
  9. Hello, just installed galaxy 264 in a factory with 2 areas. There is a keypad in reception and 1 in the security gatehouse. The management want security to fully set system with fob in gatehouse when last man out at night, but also want a separate fob to be able to set/ unset area 1 and another fob to be able to set/ unset area 2. Can I set it up like this on galaxy as setting/unsetting full set or 1 of the other areas is ok but then I cant set /unset the other area. I have changed the area in max set up but it only allows me to set 1 individual area. I know it can be done with 1 fob only but management dont want this. Any help would be great. ps if only it was an ATS
  10. I'm with Matt here, it's a great panel. I love it.
  11. Yes if we are on call on a bank holiday we get a lieu day but as standard we get 4 days less than admin and 5 less than sales. I don't think this is fair.
  12. For all you folks out there who run their own company, does your holidays differ between engineers, admin and sales or are they all standard. I am just asking as I have just found out that the company I work for all holidays differ with engineers getting the least. Is this common or is it just the company I work for? .
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