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  1. Hi All Around 2010 I had a Risco Agility (version 2 I think) alarm installed and it has worked swimmingly ever since. At the end of last year I popped some new batteries in the external sounder but couldn't clear the 'low battery sounder' warning on the display, (changing the batteries were the limits of my skills!) so I called in an alarm company to save the day. The alarm company (well, a lone guy working for himself) changed my new batteries in the sounder (advising that it's better to use well known branded batteries) and cleared the low battery code on the system. All worked well for the last few months but the 'low battery sounder' has reappeared and the alarm guy is coming up with all kinds of excuses not to come clear the code, to the point where he is now ignoring my calls. As I say, my skills are very limited but I have downloaded the Agility installer manual in the hope I can follow steps to clear the low battery warning. I can see the instruction to press the * button, followed by ##REMOVED## (the default installer code), but I'm lost after that. Any suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated . Thank you, Rebecca
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