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  1. Didn't see a jumper in the bell that would convert polarity. I was thinking a non latching/very handy relay at the panel to convert.
  2. Thanks for the replies. All I can say was that the texecom bell box would not sound with bell connected to bell in the euro 46 panel - in bell test giving + as soon as I gave it - it worked. That's all I can say. Had a look at the manual to see if you can change the polarity of the bell O/P - didn't find anything or i'm being thick Regards
  3. Just want to wish all a happy a prosperous New year.
  4. If your texe bell box doesn't sound with a Euro46 panel it's because the Euro46 bell o/p is +... texe Bell boxes looks for a neg so either connect your bell to strobe or use a very handy relay to convert bell+ to neg. Regards
  5. Yes, Have used Came as go to manufacturer - wondered if DITEC are any better/worse?
  6. Hi all, Wondered if anyone has any experience using DITEC automatic gate control equipment - what are the products like to install/reliability? etc Regards,
  7. I put each coax on its own breaker. That is right isn't it?
  8. My mate said this is how to do it... Doesn't work though.
  9. I dont think texecom do a wireless PA/Loneworker fob - wonder it there is something compatible? I wonder if you can use a generic wireless two button fob that signals at 868mhz or what ever it is and that would work?
  10. will post in trade next time. - Any good stand alone? - that can be wired to a comms unit? for response
  11. None specced. Is it preferable to have one to start the the unsetting/setting procedure on say the front door? (residential property) I would think yes. yeah that would have worked - it's a system designed by others.
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