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  1. One last thing to confirm panel is faulty, down power and then repower panel. remove all power output loads eg pir power and bell power just incase they are dragging it down
  2. You need to test charge output with the battery connected, problably just the battery.
  3. Old panel you see. loads of issues with radio stuff, keypads, sirens, not holding up against old stuff
  4. I did my apprenticeship on scantronic apart from making our own panels before that. Mind you I’ve done this for 40 years now!
  5. We have 100s of ade stuff out there. i like the scantronic ion but we don’t use them. on takeovers they seem a good panel. we mainly use risco but I’m not keen on the new stuff. the gardtec panel were very reliable but disco stuff fails a bit too much for my liking
  6. I still service a lot of these, bulletproof. better than some of the latest **** even.
  7. We lock any panel that is capable of locking and every site has a different code.
  8. Also authorise engineer on some panels! id like to be able to read the prom chips with a programmer on the risco stuff as have a couple of sites our enginners have locked with wrong code in error.
  9. Probably the cradle off hook, could readdress it to another phone on the system and see if it rings when you call that number. Only using the two address lines- check they are the right way round maybe
  10. Agreed, the shunt unit is made by holyes and can operate in different modes for omitting the zone. the honeywell sensor is a seismic vibration senor made fir safes and atms etc.
  11. Check insurance requirements for the signaling first I would say
  12. Have most manuals 705 Quick User Guide pdf.pdf Newer versions had a mic and a speaker for the medical
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