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  1. Regardless of a customers contract status we still attend as if on full contract. Even if not our systems. I treat each call as having to deal with asap. Just non contract customer pay more for a call out. Just my thoughts
  2. The 3 beeps sounds like the chime is on
  3. kwc

    Android App Program?

    That's about it. Not done android programming, just a bit visual basic year s ago
  4. kwc

    Android App Program?

    My idea is not for alarm purpose in the main, but to generate a code for a site to be used by call out staff to access a key locker. So each site is different but call out staff eg security guards etc don't carry internal keys or codes for sites. This is a customer specific. If they attend a site they get code then access keys. We can use different seed codes if needed for each site if they require in the future Also just needs to be an app, not on server
  5. kwc

    Android App Program?

    That's the kind of idea for this, Grade 3 if needed could even just add extra as needed.
  6. kwc

    Android App Program?

    I need a very simple program for android. Basic screen with two input boxes, one command button One input to enter a seed code. Second to enter a postcode. Hit the command button and it takes only the number values from post code and add it to the seed, then displays result Eg Seed =1234 Postcode =ab12 3cd Add the 1234 to the 123 then display result 2464 If any one can knock up this simple app, let me know. Kev
  7. kwc

    Menvier M12

    It will be okay. Alarm just sounds different so you can tell between fire and intruder.
  8. kwc

    Another 'which' Alarm System Topic!

    Just to say some of our original 30 year old customers still pay there original £35 a year and we have 1000s of customers. We are approved and give a full service for that. Prices have increased each year but whatever they pay the first year its stays the same. We are the biggest installer in our area beating most of the competition. High prices don't always means high quality as we know from what we take over most weeks. By the way we did not quote this op just note about pricing
  9. Also some networks don't get the tones right. Try pulse dial aswell as tone.
  10. First things first. Hook up a phone on the line and rail the numbers yourself. Does that work first. Does the line need a pause at the beginning to allow a rail tone. Had this before where the unit is dailing out before the line is ready. Try this first and let us know Edit Dial not rail
  11. kwc

    Staple Gun

    It was the local police alarm inspector who didn't like them and most companies around stopped using them. Must agree it looks neat with clip gun but never had one for years.
  12. kwc

    Staple Gun

    I thought the use of staple guns were banned? We never used them the past 20 years as caused more hassle than their worth. I know the inspectors didn't allow us to use them.
  13. kwc

    Hi. Lone Worker Device Advice Wanted.

    I know of this unit, Lone Worker Install.pdf
  14. kwc

    Status Traffic Lights

    Thats how we used them but many uses i guess
  15. kwc

    Status Traffic Lights

    Banks used as hostage indication. To stop been taken hostage by burglars waiting for staff when opening. Staff used a remote fob to power the lights to say its safe to enter. Low risk areas such as cupboards,upstairs etc would have a detector fitted and programmed for hostage. Hostage zones only tripped the light and not the alarm. Hostage system would set with main system In morning staff would arrive outside and press the fob. Green = all ok, enter yellow = 1 zone tripped, caution with staff staying outside while someone enters. red = two or more zones tripped, enter only with police. Burglars used to break-in and wait for staff in cupboards etc until they opened. Remember local tsb when builders working late and they tripped the hostage zones while working. next day staff had police check it out. good call out that day

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