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  1. From Ian.com by the search of things
  2. Programmed remote or with a keypad inlay card on site. Not much use to you really as mainly for remote monitor system. Bells not normally fitted except an internal sab speaker
  3. Set the system and trip a NON exit entry zone. This should sound the bell. if working on bell test then can only be there is a bell delay set or tripping an entry timed zone and not waiting until full entry time has expired.
  4. One last thing to confirm panel is faulty, down power and then repower panel. remove all power output loads eg pir power and bell power just incase they are dragging it down
  5. You need to test charge output with the battery connected, problably just the battery.
  6. Probably the cradle off hook, could readdress it to another phone on the system and see if it rings when you call that number. Only using the two address lines- check they are the right way round maybe
  7. Agreed, the shunt unit is made by holyes and can operate in different modes for omitting the zone. the honeywell sensor is a seismic vibration senor made fir safes and atms etc.
  8. Check insurance requirements for the signaling first I would say
  9. Have most manuals 705 Quick User Guide pdf.pdf Newer versions had a mic and a speaker for the medical
  10. Keypad card overlay for programming. mainly only had internal as siren. arc used to program them up and dow nload to site. worked on them at modern/adt
  11. Put in existing master code, press no until program codes is on display. press yes. display will ask which user. master code is 1 so press 1 then yes. enter new code then yes. press 0 until back to time and day on display. ( master code no 1 is always at master level)
  12. Regardless of a customers contract status we still attend as if on full contract. Even if not our systems. I treat each call as having to deal with asap. Just non contract customer pay more for a call out. Just my thoughts
  13. kwc

    Android App Program?

    That's about it. Not done android programming, just a bit visual basic year s ago
  14. kwc

    Android App Program?

    My idea is not for alarm purpose in the main, but to generate a code for a site to be used by call out staff to access a key locker. So each site is different but call out staff eg security guards etc don't carry internal keys or codes for sites. This is a customer specific. If they attend a site they get code then access keys. We can use different seed codes if needed for each site if they require in the future Also just needs to be an app, not on server
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