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  1. Here is the manual (PDF) for JVSG IP Video System Design Tool. Online help is here.
  2. I have experience with many IP cameras. Probably I played with 30 different models. AXIS - like them all , except for outdated now AXIS 205, 2100 and 223M from not so old) Panasonic - like them, except for 1000 series. Sony PTZ RZ 25P - not bad, but not cheap Mobotix - somehow I deceided I don't like them. Arecont - good for its price. DLink, Trendnet, Vivitek - not like them.
  3. Also you can have a look on IP Video System Design Tool. This software can calculate field of view, focal length, dead zones, and it has a 3D visualization window. Apart from it you can get estimation of other parameters, like video storage space and network bandwidth.
  4. IMHO it is not hard to install cctv system with 10 ip cameras. I have installed such systems myself. It doesn't take too much time. For faster FPS the PC should be fast enough. Network should be gigabit one. Hard disk - it depends on requirement. I would put cameras (like AXIS 211 with housing for outdoor and 207, 210 for indoor). 1. Calculate all perameters. For example for 10 Cameras, 10 FPS, MJPEG compression level 20, Recording on motion 20% of time we we get about 29 Mbit bandwidth and about 400 GB of storage space per week (calculated with ip video system design tool ) 2. Calculate focal length for cameras. 3. Connect cameras to the network switch. Run Axis IP Utility and assign IP addresses 192.168.1. 50- 4. Started browser enter IP address and configure compression. For AXIS it is Setup/Video And Image/Compression - set 20. IMHO optimal. 5. Choose software and tested the demo verison. Luxriot software is not the bad one. But anyway it is better to test it yourself. 6. Install cameras. 7. Purchase and install the software.
  5. By the way, talking about "recommendation for Installation Equipment, Different tools you would reccomend" for IP video I would recommend - to make a bandwidth calculation before you start. I was invited to check one IP CCTV system and was shocked - they were using 100 Mbit/s network for 16 cameras with about 10 FPS and Motion JPEG. See calculation bellow: And of course it didn't work! No way to transmit 131 Mbps in 100 Mbit network!! So I recommend to use IP Video Design Tool for bandwidth and storage space calculations. It is good for quick lens and FOV calculations as well - see videos
  6. This year IP cameras have about 18% penetration in Europe and about 10% in US. So it will take years till the most installers will switch to IP.
  7. Buy the way, what can you say about the I-catcher itself? I am very interested. I read a good review about it from http://www.video-home-surveillance.com/software-reviews/ but it would be interesting to get a real feedback from people who use it daily.
  8. I would suggest use quad for 1st and 16 cameras for other monitors.
  9. I have a good experience with AXIS, Panasonic, Sony and Mobotix. I was little bit disappointed with Vivotek and D-Link cameras, because of some software(actually firmware) problems. But most of people I know use AXIS.
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