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  1. Is then, 72, then *? doesn't seem to do anything. Does the FX50 fit in the same housing? Is it just the zone qty that's different between the models?
  2. No surprise I have managed to end up with the complicated version LOL OK, very grateful if you do get time. I don't actually need the RF portal yet (although I will) so is there a way to remove the RF Portal to allow the RIO to be picked up whilst sorting out if there is a solution? Agreed!
  3. OK, so further info: If I use menu 52.1 (Program Zones > Zones) I see: 1001 > 1004 1011 > 1018 1021 > 1028 If I go into 52.2 (Program Zones > RF Zones) I see: 1021 > 1028 Not sure if there is a better menu to view this.
  4. I can see these zones in the display zones menu (Menu 21): 1001 > 1004 1011 > 1018 1021 > 1028 I know 1001 through 1018 are the Main board, can't see if the 1021> Zones are the RF or the RIO, I expected the address of the RIO & RF to dictate the zones like this: RF Module (Address 5) : 105x RIO Unit (Address 3) : 103x But its more likely I have misunderstood the manual.
  5. I thought the RF Zones were not included in the '20'? But I'm not 100%
  6. I have the addresses set as follows: KeyProx 1 : 0 KeyProx 2 : 1 RF Module : 5 (no idea why I set it to 5?) RIO Unit : 3 As always, thanks for the time and help.
  7. Yep, I didn't the enter/exit Eng mode, didn't show anything new (was 12, now 12.. I think from memory)
  8. Some free time again so back onto the Alarm. I seem to have everything working on the main panel now and have been setting the alarm for a week or so, no issue! Now I want to add the RIO expander to put the extra door contacts in. I have fitted it and wired the RIO back to the Lfex on the same terminals as the KeyPad, I have a flashing green light on the RIO now, but cannot see anything that it has recognised the RIO or any extra zones in the zones menu? Any ideas?
  9. What do you mean? Presume its just wired with the standard alarm cable..
  10. In my defence, it is my first effort! But yes with hindsight, I should have stripped back twice as much cable!! It looks more of a mess as I have not yet done the tidy up, I'll do this once all is working. I'll try to find wiring for the RIO
  11. OK, C072 RIO fitted next to the main panel. Couple of questions: 1) Zone wiring is different, no 12v on the Zone terminals ( 1, 0v, 2, 3, 0v, 4 etc), I presume the 12v is connected to one of the 12v outputs on the opposite side of the expansion modules? 2) I can't find a wiring diagram for connecting the RIO to the main panel - Looking at it it looks like the B & A terminals on the RIO, but not sure the other end
  12. Problem solved, fitted the jumper and all fine. Once again, thanks for the help!
  13. I cant, its at the new house, Im not there again until tomorrow
  14. Roger! Ill check it in the morning and report back!
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