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  1. Good work if you can get it imo.
  2. Why did you quit buddy? Spill the beans
  3. It is available.
  4. I disagree. Pyronix Euro 46 App panel works very well.
  5. We've just lost an engineer to a Sky who is following the 40k carrot. No idea how many hours it takes to hit 40k though.
  6. I know this is mainly a young mans game but jeez 28 mature engineer? It's refreshing to read that the OP is 37 and still prepared to have a go at something new. Best of luck to you mate.
  7. Make sure it's turned off like Mr Willis says
  8. Please explain. i feel a google link on its way.
  9. I've registered with the Pyronix Cloud as Administrator. Does registering as an installer give more options?
  10. Ok mate cheers.
  11. A question about the App and notifications. When the alarm is triggered and you get the "you have an alarm" notification for 20 seconds or so, is there a way to make the notification repeat itself? It is a bit poor if you do not hear the "you have an alarm" the first time around.
  12. Why would that confuse anyone, lol.
  13. Get the Euro 46 App version mate.
  14. We use Videcon/concept Pro