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  1. Amps

    Hikvision POC camera menu remotely

    No idea mate but POC is fantastic! Do you change the WDR settings much?
  2. It’s all Bobbies fault
  3. Amps

    Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Cleared that up nicely
  4. Amps

    Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Ok that’s a great help mate. So basically G3 was replaced with Dimension? May differences between the two?
  5. Amps

    Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    I always get confused which is G3 and which is Dimension. How can you tell?
  6. Amps

    Pyronix app

    Diy it’s free for first 12 months and £36 a year there after. Registered installer think it’s something like £10 a year. It is a fantastic product and using insite and the cloud is a breeze. Question: anyone know how to stop an ex-employee connecting using insite and the cloud?
  7. Amps

    battery calculations

    Q = Quiescent (11.75Hr) A = Alarm (0.25Hr) 1.2 = 5 Year Ageing Factor [(Q x 11.75)+ (A x .25)] x 1.2 = Ah Required
  8. Amps

    New stapler time!

    This will do for cheap occasional https://www.screwfix.com/p/stanley-ct10-tacker/27181 Two questions; What size staples for 8 core? What size staples for coax?
  9. Amps

    Abacus 6 keypad temporary removal

    Yeah maybe time to upgrade to a Pyronix Euro 46 App panel
  10. Amps

    Abacus 6 keypad temporary removal

    Enter engineers mode. Remove Keypad Cut one wire at a time and tape over each end. Jobsa a gud un.
  11. You can alter the app setting volume.
  12. Just to add the app will auto log you out after 5 minutes.
  13. As far as I know you cannot test the App this way. The only way is to do a “live” test by setting then activating the alarm. Make sure you are logged out of the app otherwise you will not receive the alarm notification. You can test whether or not the panel is communicating with the cloud/app using the Diagnostic > Communications menu.
  14. Amps

    Pyronix Enforcer

    Install the Pyronix Enforcer and you will sleep well my friend. The app is excellent. I