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  1. Texecom com wifi

    It was sarcasm.
  2. Texecom com wifi

    Possibly after a firmware update.
  3. I-on16 control panel lid open

    If I remember right "system tampers" are defaulted as engineer reset. You will need the engineers code to reset the system tamper.
  4. Euro 46 app panel

    We normally fit Knight G2 contacts that allow for this. YEND74 MULTI.pdf
  5. Euro 46 app panel

    Lol I can imagine our service engineers getting confused by that. Keep it simple is the moto!
  6. Agility 3 cloud service

    8-9p per day to monitor the security of your property! Outrageous!
  7. Part set Enforcer?

    You mean in System Options flexi set was turned off? Im sure the default is flexi set on. Did you turn it off? Glad you got it sorted.
  8. Part set Enforcer?

    Only other thing i can think of and not sure if it will make any difference. Do you have a final exit zone for area B?
  9. Part set Enforcer?

    If you can set areasa A & B with the engineers code it suggests to me that the system is programmed correctly. I'm thinking the issue is with the code you are using. Try setting up another user code for area B only.
  10. Part set Enforcer?

    Are you sure you only have one code programmed into the system?
  11. Part set Enforcer?

    Ok. I don't know.
  12. Part set Enforcer?

    Have you any zones programmed for Area B?
  13. Part set Enforcer?

    Is Area B assigned to the user code? I think you are presuming that both the A & B keys will be highlighted when you enter your code. This is not always the case. Enter your code and the A key is highlighted. If you press the B key is that highlighted?
  14. Part set Enforcer?

    An Enforcer part set is Area B. Go to Assign Keypads/Readers -> Keypad 00 and assign Area B to it.
  15. Part set Enforcer?

    Have you enabled the keypad for area B?