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  1. ADT System

    Just surprised at your questions. You give the impression that you are very new to the industry. If i were you i'd only takeover the RMV contract if it included updating the control panel to something you are familiar with. What equipment do you normally install?
  2. ADT System

    What do you do for a living?
  3. Siemens SPC wireless zones

  4. Galaxy 48 zone omits when setting

    Seem to recall this happening with Galaxy G2's a few years back. Think it was a software glitch. Never heard of it on a 48 though.
  5. Siemens SPC wireless zones

    This site in the Midlands mate?
  6. Siemens SPC wireless zones

    Poor signal strength?
  7. I think these contacts have done you proud. Time to replace them.
  8. Castle Care euro mini

    Is xpgm an input that can also be programmed as an output? Never used them myself as it just over complicates things. I think this can only be done on the main pcb zones and certainly not on a wireless ZEM.
  9. Texecom com wifi

    It was sarcasm.
  10. Texecom com wifi

    Possibly after a firmware update.
  11. I-on16 control panel lid open

    If I remember right "system tampers" are defaulted as engineer reset. You will need the engineers code to reset the system tamper.
  12. Euro 46 app panel

    We normally fit Knight G2 contacts that allow for this. YEND74 MULTI.pdf
  13. Euro 46 app panel

    Lol I can imagine our service engineers getting confused by that. Keep it simple is the moto!
  14. Agility 3 cloud service

    8-9p per day to monitor the security of your property! Outrageous!