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  1. Why would that confuse anyone, lol.
  2. Get the Euro 46 App version mate.
  3. We use Videcon/concept Pro
  4. The deal did not expire on the 14th. It is available throughout February. Only the items in the top left hand box have now expired.
  5. The DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A is also a decent price @ £125.99. Check Out the online prices you wont beat that.
  6. Who is Lee Brooke? Richard Squire the son of John?
  7. We've taken over a few Squire systems of late and they are shockingly bad.
  8. Cameras need cleaning on a regular basis so access to them is very important. Best bet would to be use turret cameras as they do not attract as many spiders/cobwebs as bullets and domes. Pop down to your local Adi branch as they have a decent deal on Hikvision 4Mp turret cameras at the moment. Deal expired on 14th
  9. The fan noise from the Nvr will drive you crazy. You won't notice it at first but overtime it will get to you. i wouldn't put it behind the Tv if I were you mate.
  10. I've had to the same thing. Think if you used the relay to disconnect the B terminal of the keypad the keypad presses were disabled.
  11. Let me get this right, you sayin you've never sniffed used panties out of the wash basket?
  12. Aritech CD72
  13. Set up correctly the beam should go into fault if fully blocked.